Agritech Partners With SWAL Corporation Ltd to Enhance Farmers’ Resilience Against Heat Waves Through Its Weather Kavach Offering

The partnership enables the companies to build smart risk cover solutions for farmers to ensure financial safety and resilience against weather irregularities, India's leading agri-tech organization, has scaled its weather protection cover offering by partnering with SWAL Corporation Ltd. The product offering is a part of’s flagship resilience program ‘Kavach’.

Weather Kavach is a risk cover offering for farmers to protect them against weather irregularities. It is a flexible cover option where farmers can opt-in for any sum assured value, and claims are disbursed in the event of excessive rain, heat waves or rain deficit. The advantages of the Weather Kavach product offering include index-based trigger, shorter disbursal window, and direct transfer of the claim amount to the farmer's bank account. Since its launch, has successfully offered Weather Kavach to more than 100,000 farmers and sold more than 1 Million Weather Kavach in less than 12 months.

Dhruv Sawhney, COO & Business Head at said, "Globally, 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record. As per reports, scientists have warned that 2023 could be a comeback year for El Nino, pushing temperatures by over 1.5 degrees celsius compared to the average temperature a century ago. As per the reports published in the US scientific journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ (PNAS), each degree Celsius increase in global temperature can on an average reduce global yields of wheat by 6%, rice by 3.2%, maize by 7.4%, and soybean by 3.1%. Furthermore, global rise in temperature increases risks of floods, drought, extreme heat waves, water shortages, and could possibly push millions into poverty. Despite knowing the pitfalls, and suffering agricultural losses every year, less than 20% of farmers opt-in for risk-cover products owing to the lack of trust, education, and high premium costs.” is partnering with SWAL Corporation Ltd., an organisation that is paving the way for other many organisations to follow by helping us drive change, increase adoption, build for farmer resilience, and truly make agriculture sustainable, viable, and climate-smart.

Through this partnership, SWAL Corporation Ltd is offering Weather Kavach, at no additional cost, to all its farmers who purchase Wuxal & Delma products. While Wuxal provides nutrients to the crop, Delma protects it from various diseases that can be triggered due to wild fluctuations in temperature during critical growth stages. With the likely possibility of higher temperatures predicted for February & March, and the harvest window for Rabi crops around the corner, the partnership couldn't have come at a better time. To avail Weather Kavach, the farmers must download the app, scan Wuxal and Delma products on the app, and avail it at no additional cost.

Mr Pramod Tiwari, Head Of Marketing at SWAL Corporation Ltd, said, "For over 10 decades, SWAL has been committed to its farmers by offering them quality agri-solutions that are efficient, improve yield quality & quantity for ensuring better farm profitability. Our teams have been working with the farmers, helping them select the right inputs, imparting technical know-how, educating them about innovative farming practices, and delivering access to technology and advisory throughout the cultivation windows."

Keeping in line with our same core philosophy, we are partnering with to offer weather-based risk cover solutions, at no additional cost, to every farmer who purchases Wuxal or Delma brands in states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. SWAL will continue to improve farmer profitability, drive the adoption of authentic and high-quality inputs including NPP (Natural Plant Protection) solutions and impart farmer education at the grassroots level. We aim to cover more than 1 million farmers nationwide through our various initiatives.”, India's leading agri-tech open digital platform, brings what every farmer needs to thrive together in one place—technology, solutions, and finance. Its ecosystem reaches across the food system, expanding choice for customers—making access transparent, affordable and fast for everyone. This way, lessens uncertainty, helping farmers secure sustainable outcomes. Established in 2020, brings together the best agriculture solutions like remote sensing, farm mechanisation, online marketplaces, traceability, and market linkage. In a short period, has taken several forward-thinking steps to achieve its goals. The app, launched in April 2020, has over 2.5 million farmers onboard. The nurture.retail solution, a B2B e-commerce marketplace for agri-inputs, has also scaled significantly in over 10 states and has 100,000 registered agri-input retailers across India. To carry out its ground-level operations, has built India's first and biggest rural gig economy model, deploying a 10,000-strong field workforce in over ten states. Visit to learn more.

SWAL Corporation Limited is one of the leading agri-solution providers in India. SWAL Corporation Limited aims at promoting the best possible combination of control measures – Chemical, biological and cultural – to deliver cost effective, environmentally sound and socially acceptable methods of increasing productivity, managing insects, disease and weeds. SWAL thrives on current and new business opportunities while leveraging their core competencies of human capital, quality and integrity.

SWAL has a knowledgeable & experienced People to Farmer (P2F) team that collaborates with farmers to educate them about input usage, teaches them the modern climate-smart farming methodologies, and works with them to solve cultivation challenges all year round.

With over 7,500+ dealers and 31 key stock points, SWAL ensures accessibility and availability of their brands to the remotest areas in India with a promise of quality.

For over ten decades, SWAL has been committed to improving farmers' livelihoods, increasing farm productivity & produce quality, and building farmer resilience, while sustaining the environment and natural resources for future generations.

Visit SWAL to learn more.

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