Fintech Firms Solving the Automation Riddle for All

Future is now, and we are living in an era when everything can be truly done with the click of a button. Fintech firms have ensured that all our banking needs can be met digitally, all thanks to rapid automation that has happened over the past few years. One can make payments, receive payments, automatically make recurring payments and also get loans instantly without the hassle of running from department to department in a bank. They have become a part of our lives and made it easier to carry on with everyday work. Here are some fintech firms that are solving the automation riddle and providing innovative solutions for the users. is the new age tech based solution for any form of recurring payment. Instead of the lengthy procedures with traditional industry solutions, the payment is done the same day with its rapid and reliable B2B recurring auto-debit solutions. One can now easily pay bills, make payments to vendors, give out salaries to employees, without the need for human intervention. These payments can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly/ In addition to offering a number of digital touchpoints for easy access, such as WhatsApp, link push, and a site, the provider of recurring auto debit solutions also offers a range of payment choices, such as ACH, UPI, and cards. At least six banks have a direct interface with


As the leading provider of digital payments in India, Paytm has grown to be widely recognised as the most preferred payment option for B2C domain. The subscription model that is slowly becoming popular helps retailers receive recurring payments too. One does not need to repeatedly go through the ordering process, and the app makes it possible to keep a supply of items that are required on a regular basis. Periodic payments are made, simplifying life.


For online businesses looking for a safe and secure payment gateway solution, Razorpay is the perfect solution. As the globe has at last entered the digital era, an increasing number of enterprises are launching online. Actually, even conventional enterprises are moving online. This indicates that a safe and secure payment gateway, such as that provided by Razorpay, is required. The entrepreneurs can collect, process, and disperse payments thanks to the customised payment gateway. In order to guarantee the security that an online business requires, the corporation, more critically, keeps a close check on online scammers.

Google Pay

This digital wallet platform, a Google effort, supports in-app payments as well as online and offline transactions. When Covid was at its busiest and customers didn't want to deal in currency that had changed many hands, it allowed for contactless payments. When one doesn't want to carry cash but still wants the independence that digital payments provide, UPI is popular because it has no fees, free money transfers, and is supported by Android phones, tablets, and watches.


For SMEs and small business owners who don't want to waste time looking for conventional loans, this is the go-to name. By using technology to assess credit eligibility, it reduces paperwork. A non-deposit taking NBFC, LendingKart enables the borrower to accept loans based on their history and payment promptness using data points that are analysed using AI. It is ideal for obtaining hassle-free, readily available working capital financing.

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