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Suki, the leader in voice artificial intelligence (AI) technology for healthcare, has achieved record growth in 2022, a milestone year that connected thousands of physicians to its flagship, voice-powered Suki Assistant, which changed their workloads and lives in significant ways.
Since January 2022, Suki’s achievements spanned every area of business, from customer acquisition and operations to product development and rollout. Major highlights include:
  • Customer growth: Suki saw a 7X increase in users and an expansion of support to physicians across 30+ specialties, underscoring the real need for solutions that address physician burnout in the marketplace. “For me, it’s about trying to find that balance, so I feel that joy and that I’m giving,” said Lynchburg, Va., physician Elizabeth Goff, whose experience as a burned-out physician and mom of two young children is chronicled in a recent mini-documentary, “From Burnout to Balance.” Using Suki Voice Assistant provided the margin Dr. Goff needed to stay in medicine full-time, an important outcome considering the clinician staffing shortages nationwide.
  • ROI outcomes: Suki’s strong customer expansion is poised to continue into 2023, primarily driven by its ability to help health systems and provider groups to capture additional revenue. Suki has been demonstrated to increase encounter volumes by 20-29% per user, delivering an estimated $58K - $84K in incremental annual revenue per user. At a time when more than half of health systems and hospitals are expected to lose money, Suki Assistant provides an avenue for substantial financial growth. Affordability of Suki’s voice assistant—when compared to other solutions in the market—is expected to be another key driver of this future growth.
  • Product innovation: Over the past 12 months, Suki has added multiple features to its product line, including Mobile as a Mic capabilities, which allows clinicians using Suki Assistant on Windows to use their phones to dictate and issue commands, giving them greater freedom and flexibility. Other features include an expanded menu of voice commands, offering physician users a more streamlined information retrieval and documentation experience, as well as the launch of “show me” commands, which allow providers to quickly retrieve a wide set of patient information, including vital signs, medications, allergies, and medical and surgical histories.
  • Employee growth: Suki expanded its roster of employees by 30% in 2022, which included the appointment of Eric Grosse, a seasoned tech startup veteran and former co-founder and president of Hotwire and Chairish, as its first president; Belwadi Srikanth, vice president of product and design; and Anmol Rastogi, who was named senior director of product management. 
  • Industry-wide recognition: Suki continues to receive accolades across the industry. In 2022, highlights included earning a Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Innovation Award for Suki Assistant as well as winning the Best CEO award from Comparably.

“As we reflect on these milestones of 2022, we realize that our greatest, and most important work has been connecting clinicians with scalable and affordable technology to reduce burnout and rediscover their joy in medicine,” says Punit Soni, Founder and CEO of Suki. “Seeing a seven-fold increase in health system and clinic users, along with the revenue gains we’ve provided for customers, is a testament to the hard work of our internal teams who are deeply devoted to creating a seamless and exceptional experience for clinicians everywhere. We truly believe that the momentum gained in 2022, even in a challenging economy, will lead to important early wins in 2023, as we continue to grow and expand our offerings.” 


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