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The Creator Economy has grown by leaps and bounds in 2022. According to Linktree’s report, there are 45 million creators above 10k followers, leveraging this reach to sell workshops, consultancy, branded products, and more. India is ahead in the creator economy. With 700 million internet users in India glued to Instagram and YouTube, India is seeing some new-age players tap into this attention economy. Influencers like Sharan Hegde, Rachana Ranade, Ankur Warikoo, and Vishnu Kaushal have become household names and redefined the term stardom. While brand partnership can be lucrative, it is not as dependable as running its own show and creators are understanding that difference. Imagine this, each one of the 4 players mentioned above charges anything between 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per post, yet they can’t depend on brand partnership as their only source of income. Sharan Hegde is running his cohort workshops, Rachana Ranade sells a ton of courses, Ankur Warikoo makes money majorly via courses and his book and Vishnu Kaushal has launched his clothing brand called “Peach by Vishnu”.
Every creator is becoming an individual stand-alone business. And all 42 million are aspiring to become them. But to run a business is no easy thing. One will need to set up a website, host digital content, maybe collect user details, take workshops, give out slots, send WhatsApp, email confirmations etc. And one, has so much data on their social media. One must be ready to cross reference their social media growth with their business growth to derive insights about the health of one's empire.
This is where Kohbee steps in. Kohbee is a business tool built for creators to sell more. Whether it’s courses, paid groups, affiliated products, workshops, or appointments, Kohbee has got everything covered. After building their product for 18 months and serving over 2,00,000 creators, Google Play took notice as well. Recently, Kohbee has been awarded a place in the “Best Apps of 2022” in the personal growth category. Kohbee is the only creator economy tool to be featured in this list.
The incumbents of this industry have all been desktop-first players, but the fact that Kohbee can do all that with its app is something that Google Play has taken notice of. In October, Kohbee became one of the highest campaigns on Tyke, raising 760% of its target. According to sources, Kohbee is in the process of raising its pre-series A and is speaking with investors to close the round.

“We have a very focused team of experts and we have been able to achieve a lot with very little. I think the problem we recognized has been quite bang-on and this Google Play Award reflects our execution towards solving that problem”, said Rohan Sinha of Kohbee.


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