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Blingvine, the online fashion jewellery brand, has decided to push forward its bracelet collection for this year-end gifting season.
The often overlooked articles of jewellery, bracelets carry a charm that’s unique to its subtle nature and versatile usability. Blingvine, taking notice of the underestimation of bracelets in the public view, has decided to shine a spotlight on the accessory and broaden its already magnificent collection. Walking the thin line between enticing and subtle, bracelets can be suitable for almost any occasion. While a simple, minimalistic one is perfect for a professional environment, a gemstone studded bracelet with striking designs is sure to suit a more casual and fun setting. Moreover, they hold a restrained charm due to their placement. While necklaces and earrings frame the face, making them strikingly noticeable, bracelets hold an almost timid beauty that’s reserved for those who seek it deliberately. Such a nature makes the ornament suitable for almost any setting. Owing to this subtle appeal, bracelets make for an exceptional choice for gifting. 
The end of the year is approaching, bringing with it a chain of celebrations. From Christmas and corporate year-end events to New Year celebrations and family reunions, a large number of celebrations fall towards the final months of the year. Among the stresses of travel planning and calendar tracking, a time-consuming feature of this time period is picking out gifts for family and friends. In the modern bustling culture, most end up losing track of time and looking for last minute gifts. Whether it’s a last minute gift or a thought out planned one, bracelets are a highly suitable gifting choice when it comes to jewellery. 
While necklaces and rings require precise measurements of the one wearing it, accessories like bracelets and earrings provide a more flexible fit, making them a safer option for gifts. What gives a slight edge to bracelets over earrings is the probability of being an impressive gift. Since earrings are situated right by the face, women are more critical of the ones they choose to wear. Alternatively, bracelets are given a lighter examination when received as gifts. This single but significant difference makes bracelets the perfect jewellery choice for gifting. 
When unsure about which bracelet to pick for gifting purposes, it is a good idea to go for widely appreciated styles. For bracelets, minimalist silver bracelets are a universally popular choice among women. Other widely admired design choices include rose gold plating, American diamonds, crystals and gemstone studded bracelets. 
Bracelets also make for a budget friendly gifting option. In times of heavy expenditure on gifts and travel, a budget friendly yet sophisticated gifting choice can make a huge difference for the wallet. Getting a high quality gift without having to cut out other joys of the celebrations is just what the year-end merriments call for. 
Blingvine bracelets are made from environmentally friendly materials of the finest quality. Giving the centre platform to the underappreciated bracelets, the brand continues to make waves of thoughtful changes to the fashion jewellery industry. With the growing popularity of fashion jewellery and the fast approaching gifting season, Blingvine is set to keep growing and taking over the hearts of new customers.


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