Here are 3 Advantages of Collaborating with a Colocation Data Centre

The pandemic that broke out in March 2020 altered the world in two ways—first, on a global scale, where countries were struggling with collapse of healthcare sector, financial crisis, unemployment, etc. On the other hand, the lifestyle and everyday habits of people witnessed a drastic change.

For instance, in order to prevent direct contact, everyone started wearing masks, biometric systems in offices were taken off, digital payments were prioritized over cash, video calls and digital interactions became a norm, etc. Now, most people are unaware of the fact that every minute they spend online leads to massive data generation which needs to be optimally stored and protected.

In this article, we will bring under purview the multifarious advantages of collaborating with a colocation data centre. Every business and organization, be it large-scale or small-scale generates data which needs storage. Here, the enterprises have to take a call—first, they can choose to build an in-house data centre, or they can get onboard with a colocation data centre.

What is a Colocation Data Centre?

A colocation data centre, also referred to as colo, is a rental service or space for enterprise customers to store their hardware and other servers that are integral for daily operations. For your comprehension, we have mentioned some of the many features and advantages of a colocation data centre:
  • Servers in a colocation data centre are monitored around the clock by expert professionals.
  • They are optimally protected from natural calamities like fire breakout, flooding, and more.
  • The infrastructure of a colocation data centre is inclusive of network uplink and power feed as standard.
  • They offer high-speed and reliable internet bandwidth.

What are the Advantages of Collaborating with a Colocation Data Centre?

Since most people have minimal knowledge about the IT sector and the data centre industry, they do not know the fundamental difference between a collocation data centre and a privately owned data center.

In simple terms, collocation data centre is a service offered by a separate organization. Further, we have mentioned some of the many benefits and advantages of collaborating with a colocation data centre service provider:

› Shared Space, Low Cost

A colocation data centre provides space and services to multiple businesses and organization in one single facility. Therefore, the total cost gets equally divided amongst all of them. This allows the organizations to earn a significant amount of profit which they can utilize in advancing their technology, equipment, infrastructure and more.

In contrast, when a company decides to invest in a server room or a personal data centre, it requires considerable amount of capital, labour, and constant supervision. Therefore, a colocation data centre emerges as a sweeping winner between the two.

› Room for Growth and Expansion

Every business, be it small scale or large scale, has fluctuations in its growth trajectory. In other words, whenever an organization expands or condenses, the generated amount of data also changes. If a company owns a private data centre, they need to move around the servers and equipment on their own, which can prove to be a long and tedious task.

On the other hand, there are multiple operators and administrators in a colocation data centre who ensure that servers are installed and taken down in accordance with the need of the company. Thus, with a colocation data centre, the IT infrastructure can quickly expand to offer the required support within a minimum amount of investment.

› Seamless Business Continuity

In a colocation data centre, data is optimally protected against disasters like flooding, fire, and more. In addition, stringent precautions are taken to ensure that the installed equipment does not overheat, for instance, integration of best-in-class cooling systems.

If you have your data stored in a colo facility, it gets much easier to create a quick fall-back scenario in emergency situations. This additional advantage enables employees to work from a temporary location in case of a mishap.

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