Ethereum Co-founder To Bring Blockchain Computers To Wider Audience

Earlier this week, Anthony Di Iorio, who is Co-founder of Ethereum and Founder/CEO of Decentral, revealed his new project to the world — Andiami — that blends game theory with cutting-edge hardware to bring blockchain computers to a wider audience.

This blockchain computers are devices called 'Cubes' , which Anthony describes as Xbox-like devices, will be fundamental to solving what he believes are the two major problems impeding Web3: The paradox of centralized decentralization and the persistence of Web2 business models, said a press release

Anthony Di Iorio with the 'Cube' 

You can’t have a user-controlled internet if the user doesn’t have their own server, ” says Anthony.

Cubes, a custom blockchain computers, will be a Plug-and-play device similar to gaming consoles. Cubes function as both full nodes and as an individual's personal digital server. Through custom blockchain infrastructure designed for scalability, interoperability, reliability, and usablity, Cube hardware runs and contains indexed blockchain data that connects individuals directly to decentralized networks, elimhe need for trusted third-party intermediaries.

The Cubes and its accompanying suites will be sold on a sliding scale from $300 to $5,000 to low-income participants, as part of Di Iorio’s plan to weed out venture capitalists, who he says were major contributors. centralization in the blockchain domain.

In addition to this, an another core element of Andiami is a new communication protocol for peer-to-peer (P2P) node-sharing. This protocol will connect Andiami Cubes over the internet, allowing users to distribute blockchain data and broadcast new transactions in a decentralized manner. The protocol will reward Cube owners with Digital Life Tokens for hosting and sharing their node services and blockchain data with others on the network.

Furthermore, each Andiami product is a Non-Fungible Phygital (NFP), a coin termed by Anthony Di Iorio. "Phygital" is the existing concept of using technology to bridge the digital and physical worlds in order to provide unique interactive experiences. Andiami NFPs are physical items that are unique to each individual. Each NFP has an authentication chip baked into its manufacturing process to prove its authenticity and ownership.

Project Andiami is planned to roll out in an additional four phases over the next three years.


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