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Kelwon products with Korean Technology at its heart, has unveiled Compact and Wall-mounted Lithium-ion Inverters in India. Globally known for its innovative and cutting-edge technology, Kelwon introduces new age lithium ion inverter to replace traditional battery inverters, having amazing benefits.

Keeping in mind the movement of young kids and pets at home, Kelwon has kept the safety on the top priority and hence introduces wall-mountable version of the inverter which has no safety hazard because it has no hanging wires or terminals. This also gives a premium look and takes lesser space when mounted on the wall of your living area or other places as compared to traditional battery inverters.

Mr. H S Bhatia, MD, KELWON, mentioned the health hazards of lead-acid batteries that are being widely used in India for inverter applications.

“Traditional inverters produce indoor air pollution which is a health hazard especially for kids and elders living in the house. It produces foul smell, fumes and bad odor that pollute the air within the house. Also, traditional battery inverters are placed on the floor that makes it a safety hazard for the kids and pets. The hanging wires and terminals can be dangerous for the playing kids and pets in the house,” said Mr. H S Bhatia. “[In comparison], our Hybrid Lithium Ion Battery Inverter is Wall-mountable, Portable, comes with Zero Maintenance, and Highly Safe.”

“Being a smart inverter, it auto-selects AC power source first for battery charging and support load during the daytime, which reduces the power consumption for battery charging and saves the electricity cost,” said the company. “It is a smart inverter with two modes for Inverter and UPS, Auto-restart feature while AC is recovering, Overload/ Over Temperature/ Short Circuit Protection and is portable and convenient. The system’s built-in Lithium Ion Battery LIPO4 GR Cuba cell which is a highest grade lithium ion battery cells can be charged with solar as well as grid electricity.”

Lithium Inverters from Kelwon are portable and can be used for multiple purposes. So, imagine if one is going out for a short trip, they can take this lithium inverter and use its power to give backup to laptop, music systems, mobile charging, camping and all. It can run for up to 20 hours if fully charged (~4 to 7 hours), to give power to laptop, mobile charging, LED bulb for camping.

Kelwon hybrid lithium ion inverter comes in five options from 1 kWA to 10 kWA power ratings, with operating voltages of 12.8 V to 120 V, respectively based on energy consumption requirements of the consumer. Kelwon Lithium-ion Inverter starts from a MRP of Rs. 49,990 for 1 kWA inverter and onwards for bigger sizes.

Kelwon Lithium-ion Inverters give comprehensive warranty of 60 months both on inverter and the battery. This product has a long life of 15 years or more with zero maintenance which makes it far more cost-effective as compared to the traditional inverters which you need to replace every 3 to 4 years.

Kelwon is delivering and servicing more than 19,000 pin codes across the country. All Kelwon products are 100% made in India which contributes to the facts towards easy availability of spare parts and hassle-free service and support at the doorstep.

“We are committed to bringing the best of the global technology and contemporary designed products for your homes, giving our valuable consumers a better quality of life at affordable prices,” - says Mr. H.S. Bhatia (MD, Kelwon Electronics and Appliances Private Limited).

Using Korean technology, Kelwon Electronics and Appliances has been introducing life-changing products. Up next, they are coming up with products including Air Purifiers, Room Heating Products, and more. Kelwon continues to develop products which are dedicated to bettering the lifestyle of its consumers.


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