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India's Analytics industry is expected to be worth $201.0 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 26.9%. The revenue growth is predominantly due to a rise in data generation across individual and organisational levels. Revenue growth and many companies adapting to data analytics have increased the demand for skilled professionals to interpret the data. However, organisations worldwide are facing skill shortages and spending vast amounts of money to bridge the skills gap.
Imarticus Learning has become a pioneer in bridging the skill gap and assisting businesses in addressing the need to analyse data and make data-driven decisions. The institute has emerged as one of the leading educational providers to help organisations and learners to master data analytics concepts. Imarticus does this by imparting knowledge to professionals who want to make a mark in the world of data and upskilling professionals to address the analytics needs of organisations.
Mr Nikhil Barshikar, Founder and MD of Imarticus Learning, said, "The recent environmental shifts have influenced technology adoption and data interpretation across industries. However, skilled data analysts are in short supply, and demand is exceedingly high. Our analytics programs help to provide insights into analytics concepts and new-age perspectives on data interpretation for better career opportunities and to cater to the organisational goals."
Imarticus Learning equips the learners to interpret the data and prepare them to make decisions in all sectors. Although the Information Technology sector continues to be the most significant contributor to the market, accounting for 49.8% of the total market size, Imarticus caters to the needs of all industries, whether they are keen players or struggling to survive in the analytics world.
Imarticus Learning's analytics programs are exceptional because they include the most relevant industry curriculum, learning from industry experts and program affiliations from the most prestigious IITs. Institute's programs work wonders in closing skill gaps and preparing professionals with the best analytics skill sets.
Imarticus Learning has assisted businesses with their data analytics hiring needs. The institute has impacted over 100,000 careers and formed over 500 global partnerships in a decade. After the program, the learners master analytics concepts and the institute go to great lengths to get them the best analytics profiles and career transitions.
Prominent organisations have acknowledged the institute's efforts. Imarticus Learning has received the prestigious "Best Education Brand in Analytics" from Economic Times and was rewarded as the institute offering "Best Certification Courses" by Franchise India by Indian Education Awards.

Imarticus learning's exceptional placement record results from its innovative and cutting-edge learning methodology. Throughout the course, learners can work on real-world projects such as vaccine prediction, taxi fare prediction, global projects, and case studies that are most relevant and prepare them to enter and lead the world of data analytics.


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