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  • South Korean edtech startup to select and train Indian developers, and make them ‘work-ready’ for Korean companies
  • An intensive 4 and 6-month online course to aid students & developers in landing the right job opportunity

Schoice Habsida Inc. (service name ‘Habsida’), a South Korean edtech startup focused on upskilling/reskilling through online coding bootcamp, is expanding into the Indian market intending to recruit students and create job opportunities for them in South Korea. Based on ISA (income share agreement) business model, Habsida aims to exclusively focus on providing online coding education and training to Indian students and developers who wish to work in Korean companies. Habsida is planning to select 40 students among fresh university graduates of Computer Science-related majors and Junior Developers with 1-3 years of experience. The program will take 4-6 months and, among other things, the students will be given relevant knowledge in IT and Korean corporate culture, Korean language crash course, and real commercial projects to add to their resume. These are the things that ensure students land a job as soon as they finish the Habsida program.
Elaborating on this, Mun Vladi, Chief Executive Officer, Habsida, said, “India is an easy and most logical choice as there are probably more coders in India than people in Korea. On top of that, the relations between Korea and India have been improving both economically and culturally.”
Speaking on the matter, Nemesisa Ujjain, Director – Innovation, Hunch Circle, said, “South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and it's a good opportunity for aspiring Indian developers to work on next-gen projects. Habsida is doing a great job of bridging tech ecosystems of India and Korea.”
Supported by the South Korean government and with the help of the India-based accelerator The Circle Founders Club, a select group of South Korean startups is participating in the funded initiative where they will get to introduce their products and services in India. As part of the cohort, Habsida will spend two months (September to November 2022) towards launching its first Indian batch and exploring synergies with potential partners.
This step marks the next stage of Habsida’s business development aimed at expanding into new countries for student and developer recruitment. As the Indian market is one of the largest IT hubs in the world, Habsida hopes to capitalize on the growing number of developers in the region and at the same time create employment opportunities for them.
Since 2020, almost 100 students have gone through the education program, and over 90% of their graduates found developer jobs in South Korean startups regardless of their Korean language abilities and previous coding experience.

Habsida is planning to launch its first Indian batch on November 7th (Application period: October 1st~November 6th).

As a launch strategy, Habsida is engaging with various developer communities in the form of events, the first event was Hacktoberfest on October 16th at The Circle. Work in collaboration with Hack This Fall and Solana.

The event hosted a series of knowledge sessions from the likes of GitHub and Solana on career opportunities with open source by helping developers showcase their projects and contribute to the open-source ecosystem.

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