Ambee, an environmental and climate intelligence company that supplies actionable environmental and climate data in real-time, has collaborated with Zapier, the leader in easy automation for small businesses, to help organizations automate marketing campaigns.

Climate Intelligence company Ambee collaborates with Zapier to automate marketing campaigns
Zapier’s users can now connect Ambee with over 5000+ applications and automate their marketing campaigns in just a few steps. For example, businesses or individual users can set up a ‘zap’ that tracks air quality, weather, and pollen levels on a daily basis through Ambee. Whenever it reaches a cautionary level set by the user, a campaign via Mailchimp or any other marketing tool can be automatically pushed out.

Ambee uses data from on-ground sensors and remote imagery from satellites to analyze environmental factors such as air quality, soil, micro weather, pollen, and more to help millions worldwide stay safe and mitigate the impact of climate change. Through this integration with Zapier, businesses can roll out timely and informational marketing campaigns that can help consumers take appropriate actions against environmental factors such as pollen, air quality, weather, and much more.

Commenting on the collaboration, Jaideep Singh Bachher, CEO and Co-founder of Ambee, said, “At Ambee, our aim is to bring businesses closer to their customers by providing them with actionable environmental data. Many businesses across sectors have used Ambee’s data to craft personalized marketing campaigns that have helped their customers stay updated about environmental changes around them and take appropriate measures. This integration with Zapier further allows us to reach out to many more businesses and users to help them stay safe and protected from potential environmental triggers.”

About Ambee

Ambee is an environmental and climate intelligence company that builds hyperlocal datasets for air quality, pollen, weather, active fires, and other climate parameters. The company was founded with a mission to democratize access to environmental data and tools that enable a better and healthier living experience.

Ambee’s environmental APIs aggregate raw data from multiple sources, such as on-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and open-source traffic data, and process it with proprietary AI algorithms to build reliable and accurate datasets.

Ambee provides location-specific and real-time data that can be used by a wide range of markets that aim to build a healthier planet. Businesses and administrators across the globe integrate Ambee’s AI-powered, scientifically-validated data into their businesses and lives to create sustainable and climate-friendly surroundings.

To find out more, visit Ambee.

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