Bharathi Cement Opens First-of-its-Kind Fully-Automated Cement Terminal in Coimbatore

Launched ‘QUICKCEM’, a superior quality new generation green cement to cater Precast and Hollow Block Segment in Tamilnadu and Kerala

Bharathi Cement is the 1st company in India to transport bulk Cement in Containers from its Integrated Cement plant to Coimbatore Terminal
Coimbatore terminal is a fully-automated packing and distribution facility having a capacity of 0.75 MTPA and will be manned only by 16 employees.

Bharathi Cement Corporation Pvt. Ltd., a group company of VICAT France, inaugurated its 0.75 MTPA bulk cement terminal in Coimbatore on Monday i.e. 10th Oct’22 to serve the major market of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The terminal was inaugurated by Guy Sidos, VICAT Group Chairman and CEO in the presence of Anoop Kumar Saxena, CEO-VICAT INDIA, and M Ravinder Reddy, Director Marketing.

To strengthen the Southern market strategy, with the start of the new terminal, the company has also launched a new product, QUICKCEM that will cater particularly to the precast and hollow block segment in the respective states.

QUICKCEM is one of the best superior quality new generation green cement and therefore falls under the premium category. The product is manufactured using the best limestone available in South India with optimum fineness and with a low percentage of Alkalies, chlorides, and magnesia which ensures better durability of the concrete structures. Due to the development of high early compressive strength, QUICKCEM provides a lesser de-shuttering period, high early compressive strength of concrete, and results in saving cement consumption. This newly launched product will be packed in a BOPP bag to deliver dust free bags to customers.

QUICKCEM is ideal for use in the construction of concrete precast structures, residential and commercial projects, and roads, and by major RMC manufacturers, as it will help in making a highly compressive design from concrete. Anoop Kumar Saxena, CEO-VICAT INDIA, said “Bharathi cement has always been a preferred choice of customers in the region where it operates and therefore it is important for the company to proactively address the growing demand. With that objective a new terminal facility is set up and QUICKCEM is launched to maintain competitiveness by improving the service level.”

These initiatives are part of VICAT Group's low-carbon roadmap aimed at reducing its carbon footprints.

At the launch, Sidos said, “With its rapid infrastructure development and urbanization, India proves to be a key market for our business. By investing in the new terminal we align with our commitment towards India’s progress and growth. Coimbatore Terminal is the 2nd Terminal of VICAT India after Mumbai terminal which was set up in Yr 2018. The new facility coupled with our entire team at India operations, which is known for its quality consciousness, excellence in operations, and customer service, we endeavour to offer the best quality cement with an excellent service level.”

The Coimbatore terminal is a fully automated packing and distribution facility of 0.75 MTPA capacity and will be operated with only 16 employees. With dedicated own container wagons and a 24-hour loading facility, the new facility is the first ever in the Indian industry to have end-to-end logistic automation for transportation of Bulk Cement in Containers, that will directly serve customers without any warehouse. The facility is equipped with infrastructure for loading bags as well as bulk cement for serving the major markets of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This will enhance customer service level and cost competitiveness in the region.

About Bharathi Cement:

Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited (BCCPL) is a producer of Superior Quality Cement and has set new standards in the cement business. It is a joint venture of Vicat Group, France (pioneers in cement) in India having a 51% majority stake.

The company has two production lines of state-of-the-art technology having a total capacity of 5 MTPA and is located at Nallalingayapalli, in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The cement is marketed under “Bharathi Cement” brand since 2009.


VICAT FRANCE is a well-known group name globally in the cement industry. Mr. Joseph VICAT, son of Mr. Louis VICAT started VICAT group by establishing 1st plant in 1853 in France. Today the group operates in 12 countries namely Egypt, France, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, and the United States. It has 15 integrated cement plants, 5 grinding units, 243 concrete batching plants, and 69 aggregate quarries globally. It has a turnover of more than 3000 million Euros and employee strength is approx 9500.

VICAT entered India in the year 2008 after working for 10 years in India to find a perfect partner. It had entered India in a joint venture with an Indian partner with the proposal to establish an integrated plant. In the year 2014, VICAT take a 100% stake in the joint venture and renamed it Kalburgi Cement Pvt. Ltd. Current Capacity of Kalburgi Cement is 3.6 MTPA.

In 2010, VICAT took a majority stake in an operating company Bharathi Cement having 5.0 Million Tons Per Annum (MTPA) capacity. Therefore, the total capacity of the group VICAT in India is 8.6 MTPA.

In the last 14 years, the company has expanded its markets in many new states in India and now it has operations in 8 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Puducherry and Tamilnadu. It has a strong network of 3500+ dealers.


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