T-Hub Partners with SucSEED Indovation to Accelerate Investment Opportunities for DeepTech Startups in India

The partnership aims to provide innovation and venture investment opportunities to DeepTech startups in India with access to capital, mentorship, and guidance.

T-Hub startups will get an opportunity to be part of SucSEED’s portfolio to increase networking opportunities with venture capitalists (VCs) and family offices.

T-Hub, which leads India’s innovation ecosystem, today announced its partnership with SucSEED Indovation, the SEBI-registered Alternative Investment Fund (AIF-1) Venture Capital Angel Fund. Through this collaboration, T-Hub and SucSEED Indovation intend to encourage innovation, increase funding, and assess investment options for DeepTech startups in India. Both organisations formalised their alliance by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Utilising their combined knowledge of the startup ecosystem, T-Hub and SucSEED will work together to mentor, promote, incubate, and aid in DeepTech startups’ growth by holding masterclasses and other workshops for knowledge exchange. This will make it possible for T-Hub startups to receive mentoring in venture capital investment, Transaction Management and Risk Management. SucSEED Indovation will also have a presence in T-Hub’s new facility, the world’s largest innovation campus, as part of its one-year engagement, creating significant synergies between SucSEED Indovation and T-Hub stakeholders.

(L-R) Vikrant Varshney & MSR
MSR (Mahankali Srinivas Rao), CEO of T-Hub, said, “The Indian deep-tech ecosystem has matured significantly in recent years. Through innovation, these startups have transformed various industries from manufacturing to healthcare. However, to keep up the momentum, these startups require funds and strong mentorship, and together with SucSEED, we will unlock scaling opportunities for them. T-Hub, through these partnerships, envisions making the connection and fundraising easy for startups and investors.”

Vikrant Varshney, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SucSEED Indovation Fund, said, “SucSEED has been quoted in Top20 Most Active Investors for Indian Startups In H1 2022 across VC & PE Landscape. We are very active to support & fund early-stage Deeptech startups, and most of them get discovered through our partnerships with Tech incubators across India. SucSEED has been committed to collaborating with strong partners like T-Hub, who provide an ecosystem for startups and help passionate entrepreneurs build innovative solutions. We’ve worked regularly with the Telangana ecosystem and T-Hub in the last 5+ years, and we are happy to formalise our engagement through this MOU and scale our efforts further by investing in emerging startups that have the potential to become legendary enterprises of tomorrow.”

Depending on company performance, T-Hub startups will stand a chance to raise funds from the SucSEED Indovation Fund and join its illustrious portfolio list. In addition, these portfolio startups will be given access to scale with the help of credible VCs and family offices, increasing their investment opportunities.

T-Hub’s programs have successfully scaled startups in partnership with a robust ecosystem of partners. T-Hub has impacted more than 2000 companies to date through a variety of programmes and initiatives. In addition, it has over 600 international and domestic business partners and 2000 mentor connections to support the scaling of startups. T-Hub will continue to drive collaboration between startups and leading innovation ecosystems worldwide.

T-Hub (Technology Hub) is an innovation hub and ecosystem enabler. Based out of Hyderabad, India, T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem and is the world’s largest innovation campus. Over the six years, T-Hub has pivoted around the 6Ms (Mentorship, Money, Market Access, Motivation, Mindset, Manpower) and 2Ps (Partnerships & Policy advisory) framework with a mission of driving results and collaboration for entrepreneurs’ success. It has delivered 100+ innovation programs so far, creating an impact for startups, corporations, and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders. Since inception, it has provided over 2000 national and international startups with access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors, and government agencies.

For more information about T-Hub, visit www.t-hub.co.

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