Parent of Supplynote, AdCount Technologies, Acquires Posify to Strengthen Its SaaS Offerings

The deal will allow SupplyNote to acquire Posify’s intellectual property as well as their team

SupplyNote, a business-to-business (B2B) software-as-a-service provider that assists food and beverage (F&B) companies digitize and automate their supply chain and procurement, has integrated Posify solutions through an acquisition deal signed by its parent company AdCount Technologies Pvt Ltd. This allows SupplyNote to secure all of Posify’s existing clients and further boost the goal of increasing its client base fourfold over the next fiscal year.

AdCount’s flagship product, SupplyNote, supports F&B businesses in digitising their supply chain (inventory, warehouse, logistics and procurements). SupplyNote offers integration with most POS platforms to obtain sales data for inventory automation. With the merger of Posify solutions, SupplyNote acquires Posify’s intellectual property as well as the assistance of their skilled team.

“At SupplyNote we are excited to have acquired Posify solutions to refine our technology offerings to help our clients generate more revenue and build their business. The F&B industry typically has to endure huge losses due to inventory mismanagement since most outlets still use pen and paper to track and manage their inventory. There is no digital record of consumption, which leads to human errors. SupplyNote as a solution can help businesses cut down their cost of operations while helping them increase their profit margins by reducing losses caused due to mismanagement.,” said Kushang, Co-founder and CEO, SupplyNote.

“SupplyNote is already integrated with most POS systems of the world and functions well together with them, however, we acquired Posify to further empower our SAAS offerings and convert it into a complete suite. When we integrate with another POS solution, we capture data of orders to update inventory logs. However, integrations have certain limitations and we have no control on point of sale experience, which is required by some of our enterprise clients. This acquisition will help us optimize the point of sale experience all their data will be centralized and operated by one system – SupplyNote. Our target market is organised HoReCa businesses and we are especially interested in chained cloud kitchens and QSRs as our offerings are extremely valuable to them. That being said, every F&B business that has a need for supply chain can in fact reap benefits from our services,” said Abhishek Verma Co-founder and COO, SupplyNote.

SupplyNote, is on a mission to digitise the food and beverage industry, connects outlets, service providers, and suppliers, allowing them to manage inventory, place orders, and uncover sales performance insights to strengthen their business. Posify is a POS that helps F&B businesses manage their front-end of the business – like billing, order management, kitchen order display, delivery rider tracking, order aggregation from Zomato/swiggy etc, customer loyalty, marketing tools etc. Although Posify and SupplyNote are independent products at the moment, any SupplyNote client can receive substantial discounts on Posify subscriptions by approaching their customer relationship manager.

About SupplyNote

Incepted in 2019, by Co-founders Kushang-CEO, Abhishek Verma-COO, Nitin Prakash-CPO and Harshit Mittal-CTO, SupplyNote is India’s most comprehensive SaaS+ e-commerce platform helping food businesses to scale. It is the first-of-its-kind Point-of-Purchase solution that helps F&B businesses digitize their data, optimize and automate their backend operations which eventually leads to saving costs and improving profits. SupplyNote also provides a Cloud-based web and mobile-enabled suite connecting restaurant outlets, service providers and suppliers.

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