Web3 Token-powered Social Platform Taki Opens Access to All

Taki offers freedom from the waitlist and is now open to the masses, those interested can now go and sign-up on the platform.

New users can join as early as possible to claim their unique desired name for their own $USERCOIN before anyone else chooses the same coin.

Taki invests in technologies to increase transparency by protecting user data, providing security tools, and adding features to support content creators for wealth generation

Taki, a global crypto-token-powered social network has announced its Beta release, including the opening of its platform to the public including content creators and users. With the removal of the waitlist, interested people can now freely go and sign-up on the website which was an invite-only platform until now. Taki is granting phased access to more than half a million new enthusiastic users who have been on the waitlist. The Beta launch delivers the Taki community a new range of exciting features which will enhance the user experience, safety, and transparency.

Taki is offering the opportunity for people to own their unique desired $UCOIN (Usercoin). They can now access Taki with no waiting and register before anyone else takes their desired name. A $USERCOIN will be created once a particular individual verifies them on the platform. Over 56,779 unique user coins have been generated so far.

With the launch of the Beta phase, Taki is aiming to engage its users better through social gamified methods where they can earn more rewards in the form of $TAKI by completing some daily basic tasks. In addition, users will be able to keep track of their coin performance and the real-time status of the other $USERCOINS they have invested in. Taki facilitates more ownership and engagement with creators compared to other social networking platforms as there is an economic value attached to even basic actions on the platform such as liking a post, making a comment, or publishing content in general.

Commenting on this new development, Sakina Arsiwala, Co-Founder of Taki said, "The incredible response which we have received from our users has led to this phenomenal growth. We have decided to now open up this platform to the public at large so more people can gain benefit from our platform for wealth generation. We are now moving a significant step ahead in our journey embracing the Web3 ethos to make Taki more user-friendly with crypto-native innovations.

Our focus is on establishing a value-generated creators’ platform to help elevate their experience of creating their own personalized token economies. We want to build a source of daily income for our users. India has great potential and an appetite for creative content consumption, as well as content production. We are already amazed by the response we are receiving, especially from the Asian markets, where India has played a major role.”

India takes precedence and priority among the other markets into which Taki plans to expand this year. Taki puts forward a unique engagement platform for creators, users, and crypto enthusiasts, who can earn a daily income by simply posting content and engaging topics of interest with others.

Taki provides an opportunity for users to build their own user coins ($UCOIN). A user coin is a monetary representation of a user's social network, which can be purchased and sold with the $TAKI token. For creators who have typically relied on sponsored content arrangements, user coins provide a new source of income. These $UCOINS can be further exchanged for $TAKI tokens, which can be transferred to crypto exchanges where users can earn value out of it.

Taki has raised $3.45M in a seed round through 11 marquee global investors in their seed funding series. The round saw participation from key crypto exchanges and investors such as Alameda Research, CoinDCX, Coinbase Ventures,, Formless Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Huobi Ventures, Kraken Ventures, Luno Expeditions, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Roka Works, and Solana Ventures,

"It is exciting to see such a positive community response, which encourages us to keep working to best serve the community. We believe Taki will be the first-of-its-kind in bridging the gap between everyday internet users and the booming Web3 experience, especially as the Indian market has the potential to support and grow the global crypto ecosystem,” said Saad Rizvi, Venture Partner at SuperLayer.

About Taki

Taki is a global token-powered social network where everyone can earn a daily income by simply posting content and chatting with others about things that interest them. Users earn $TAKI, a crypto token, by creating content that others enjoy, and by commenting on and liking posts. Taki also allows users to create their own user coins to build their individual token economies on the Taki platform.

About SuperLayer

SuperLayer is a web3 venture studio that builds and supports new multi-chain, tokenized consumer products and applications powered by the RLY protocol. Founded by Kevin Chou and Mahesh Vellanki — the founders of Rally and Forte who have more than $1 billion+ in exits between their combined venture and entrepreneurial experience — SuperLayer works with brand partners and founding teams to facilitate the launch, staffing, go-to-market, compliance, and fundraising for web3 projects. The web3 venture studio’s mission is to onboard the next 100 million people to web3. For more information, please visit www.superlayer.io


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