Through this new technology, potholes can be fixed within 15 minutes

PotHoleRaja®, a social venture that is on a mission to fix Indian roads, has partnered with SarvaShagun Infra to introduce a first-of-its kind automated machinery that can fix potholes within 15 minutes.

The machine can fill potholes in three steps: first, a high-pressure air blower is used to clean the pothole; second, a rapid-setting emulsion is sprayed as a bonding layer; and third, high-pressure construction aggregate is laid over the surface. Immediately after, the road is opened to traffic.

PotholeRaja Founder Sourabh Kumar and Akshay Uppal from Sarv Shagun
PotholeRaja Founder Sourabh Kumar and Akshay Uppal from Sarv Shagun

According to a report by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, potholes were the cause of 4,775 and 3,564 accidents in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Road accidents and deaths due to potholes appear to be rising every year, especially during the monsoon season. The only way to fix potholes and improve road infrastructure is through collaboration, citizen intervention, and by finding solutions that are cost-effective, long-term and sustainable. This partnership between PotholeRaja and SarvaShagun is a step in that direction.

Through this new automated machine, PotHoleRaja® and SarvaShagun have undertaken 5 projects. Furthermore, as a part of PotHoleRaja's recently held nation-wide EV road trip ‘Bharatmala’, the two organizations came together to fix 1000+ potholes during the course of the ride.

Commenting on the joint venture, Sourabh Kumar, Director, PotHoleRaja®, says, “PotholeRaja and SarvaShagun have a shared vision of making India pothole free. In order to address the massive pothole problem that exists across the country, we need a more collaborative approach where companies work together to solve this problem. We are thrilled to partner together to bring innovative technologies that can make our roads safer for everyone. With their large scale presence in North India and our deep network in South India, we will now be able to offer the largest fleet of automated machines that can fix potholes”

Akshay Uppal, Founder, SarvaShagun Infra, said, “We have always believed in taking a proactive approach towards road maintenance, ensuring that any road defects are nipped in the bud. This preventive approach has ensured safety of thousands of commuters across cities that we are currently working in. Other than being extremely time & cost efficacious, this technique eliminates the process of heating of bitumen and thereby reduces the GHG emissions by 80%. We are thrilled to partner with PotholeRaja to bring this unique automated machinery that offers an economical, durable & sustainable solution for potholes. This partnership further strengthens our commitment towards making India free of potholes.

About PotHoleRaja®

PotHoleRaja® has grown from doing small pothole fixing drives and CSR interventions, to making model roads/junctions and today working with some of the biggest corporations and organisations in the country to maintain the roads of entire city using all weatherproof automated machines & construction of roads from recycled plastic waste. They’ve mended more than 20000+ potholes across 30+ cities, operations in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurugram, Jamshedpur and more.

Very recently, PotHoleRaja has introduced a first-of-its-kind solution called ‘GridMats®’ for road construction. GridMats® are a revolutionary patented product that’s eco-friendly, durable and crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic waste to construct pavements/roads .

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