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JobsPikr Insights, a talent Intelligence platform provides real-time labor market insights and talent landscape to organizations. It is built to help enterprises, management consulting firms, and government bodies make strategic decisions with confidence. The new enhancements in the platform include:
  • Intuitive dashboard to provide the best user experience enabling users to quickly spot changing trends.
  • Classification of skills information as soft & hard skills, as well as certification, thereby helping in deeply understanding skills and their trends across different talent markets.
  • Showcasing emerging and declining skills, companies, and locations.
JobsPikr Insights provides comprehensive labor market insights using data points like salary, skills, job roles, location, and experience aggregated from millions of job postings data collected from over 70k sources from across the globe. It also provides data standardizations as per O*NET SOC occupation classification, which hugely expands the scope of research to understand skills and their associated costs. Key features of the JobsPikr Insights include:
  • Geo-Location Strategy
  • Workforce demand management
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Build Organization Structure
  • Feasibility Study
  • Buy v/s Build Decisions

JobsPikr Insights puts an end to guesswork by giving accurate and reliable labor market insights, leading to remarkable outcomes for organizations. The comprehensiveness of signals from across the globe enables organizations to identify talent hotspots, and provides them with competitive intelligence so that their talent strategy could be adapted accordingly.

By having an in-depth understanding of available talent and skills at various geo-locations, companies can decide their location strategy to open new offices.

JobsPikr Insights provides competitive intelligence for the relevant market benchmarks. It helps organizations visualize how their workforce stacks up against their close competitors and recognize the differentiators that sets their organization apart.

Organizations can now assess their workforce versus the demand side of the talent pool. JobsPikr Insights provides real time salary information so as to enable enterprises to compete better in the talent market. Regular review and adjustment of salaries and perks are critical components of a strong talent retention strategy. Now, one would be able to make those decisions with the backing of reliable and most up to date real world data. 


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