A team from IIT-Madras has collaborated with Inspire Institute of Sport (IIS), Vijayanagar in Ballari district of Karnataka, to develop a cost-effective Internet-of-Things powered boxing analytics platform ‘Smartboxer,’ to increase India’s boxing medal tally at the 2024 Olympics.

The SportsTech platform will use wearable sensors & video cameras to assess the performance. It will provide an above-par competitive edge to Indian athletes by providing feedback and performance assessments using the IoT-enabled wearable sensors and video cameras.

IoT-powered devices in Smartboxer include — sensor-embedded gloves to analyze punch force; wireless foot insole with pressure sensor to record ground reaction force; wireless sensors to record a player’s lower body movement and inertial measurement unit to record upper body movement. Boxing ring video cameras will help classify players arm movements.

SAI has shortlisted archery, boxing, shooting, badminton, wrestling, hockey, weightlifting, cycling and athletics to improve medal tally in Olympics 2024.

The team will apply for patent for Smartboxer after IIS validates it.

Ranganathan Srinivasan, head, Centre of Excellence for Sports Science and Analytics and adjunct faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Madras, said, "Smartboxer is one of the many alternatives of IIT Madras aimed towards the Indian government’s ambitious goal of winning more medals in Olympics."

John Warburton, head of Youth Development (Boxing) at IIS, said: “We will be able to highlight to the boxers their strength and areas that require development such as patterns of movement, activity levels, punch and defensive repertoires, technically and tactically.”

Babji Srinivasan, associate professor in the Department of Applied Mechanics at IIT-M, said the system would integrate data and video streams and multiple IoT devices. The information from the data would provide fight analytics that would help not only coaches but also judges quantify the key traits of boxing champions.

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