BEIJING, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- FOTON has recently received an order to supply 210 units of iBlue EV Vans for use in urban logistics in Singapore. FOTON iBlue EV Vans are particularly favored by the customer due to the numerous advantages they offer in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, operation and maintenance. On August 1, FOTON Motor delivered the first 60 units with the remaining 150 to be shipped in the fourth quarter this year. As a leader in commercial vehicles in Singapore, the customer has over 40 years of experience in the industry. It owns Singapore's largest and world's second-biggest all-electric car-sharing company and is also the largest commercial vehicle leasing company and one of the largest dealers for used commercial vehicles in Singapore, with over 41,000 customers including DHL and Coca-Cola. With this opportunity, both parties will leverage their complementary strengths and integrate their product, sales and service networks to jointly promote the development of FOTON's electric commercial vehicles in the Singapore market. The customer specializes in providing services for the express, distribution, fresh food and after-sales service sectors, which are centrally located in universities, office buildings and communities in urban areas. FOTON iBlue EV Van not only has 7m³ loading space and the longest cargo compartment length in its class at 3.38m, but also has a range of 195km under WLTC conditions and ability to charge up to 80% in 40min. Equipped with the 85Kw/290N·m electric motor, it enables the vehicle to climb and start easily with a full load, making it particularly applicable to efficient urban logistics scenarios in Singapore. The core technologies of key components of FOTON's new energy vehicles and after-sales services have been highly recognized by customers after they conducted adaptive tests and inspections on the product range. Particularly, the products delivered this time fully meet the strict certification requirements of EU WVTA and have reached high level in terms of safety performance and environmental friendliness. Meanwhile, its battery and electronic systems have passed the European ECE R100 safety certification, and every product indicators is fully compliant with European standards. The cooperation between the two sides will not stop at this delivery. In the future, the two sides will share successful experiences and integrate advantageous resources to address pain points such as insufficient charging facilities, high initial investment costs, immature after-sales service and unstable second-hand vehicle market. They will collaborate on leasing and VAN sharing business and reach further cooperation in charging facility sharing, operator affiliate business, leasing, sharing, after-sales service and buy-back to jointly help Singapore's green development. As FOTON's global presence in the new energy sector continues to grow, FOTON will continue to work with local industry customers to provide more quality products and advanced technology to the Singapore market to meet the growing demand for green transport and contribute to the energy saving and emission reduction in Singapore.

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