The Differences Between Online Blackjack and Land-Based Blackjack Games

If you’re a fan of blackjack, you might think that there is nothing better than sitting at a real table with a real human dealer and playing the game for real money. You’d be mistaken, though. Online blackjack games can easily give land-based games a run for their money. Join us as we explore the differences between online blackjack and land-based blackjack games.

Types of Online Blackjack Games

If you opt to play online, you’re going to find that there is a far greater selection of casino games available for you to play. Sure, a land-based casino will have a few different tables for you to join, perhaps even beginner’s tables. However, land-based sites are going to be offering those, plus high-roller tables, and numerous blackjack variants. We’re not talking about two or three tables here, but dozens.

You’ll Find More Variants Online

As touched on above, you’ll find many blackjack variants online. These include Switch, Surrender and Exposure games. Each has its own twist on the rules, and these can see payouts, RTP, house edges, you name it, all adjusted. You won’t get this level of diversity in any land-based casino, not even those in Las Vegas.

No Hand Gestures Required

When you decide to play at a land-based casino, you’re going to want to look the business. The best way that you can do this is to put on your Sunday best and practice those blackjack hand gestures. The more you do, the more stylish you’ll look. However, they can be a pain for the uninitiated and those who simply just want to bet. In the online betting world, there are no hand gestures required – ever.

A Lack of Atmosphere, Even in Live-Dealer Games

It is true that you do lack an atmosphere when playing blackjack online. Naturally, you wouldn’t expect much of an atmosphere with a basic RNG release. But even live dealer blackjack games can sometimes feel a little wooden. There is a human dealer taking control of the action, but unless the game is streamed from an immensely busy land-based casino (and hopefully not a studio), it still doesn’t quite give you the same atmosphere or sense of realism as actually being there.

There Is More of a Learning Curve Online

There is something of a learning curve required if you’re going to sit down and start using Basic Strategy. You can forget about taking a printed-out chart into a real casino – that’s not going to happen. However, pop into any online casino, and you can look at that puppy as much as you want. Nobody is going to stop you. Basic Strategy guides can be printed and used for live dealer casino games, too. There really is nothing to stop you from perusing it at your leisure. For that reason, we’d say that the learning curve with online blackjack outranks playing at beginner’s and newbie’s tables in land-based gambling venues.

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