Most Business-Friendly Countries for Company Formation

The world is becoming smaller these days due to the advent of international relations and technological innovations. Not only do the big organizations having a value of billions of dollars can go multinational but some smaller SMEs and start-ups are also making a mark in the international arena. When your home country is not the only alternative available, international company formation is gradually becoming a rising trend. Entrepreneurs all across the world are looking for international jurisdictions that are beneficial to their businesses. Here are the best countries for your international business formation.

1. United States: 

There isn’t any better place than the United States to start the list. This is easily the largest market in the world and offers practically limitless commercial potential. This is especially applicable to technological and online businesses. Being true to its nickname "The land of freedom" offers international businesses a terrific environment for supporting growth and access to the world's leading economy. You can get a range of additional services of all kinds. But all the 50 states of America have their regulations and policies concerning international company formation.

2. Hong Kong: 

The special administrative region of Hong Kong is a perfect case for company incorporation in Hong Kong. It offers transparency and flexibility together with a target-oriented approach. The region takes a lot of effort for supporting businesses of all kinds both domestically and internationally. You get a relatively stable political and financial environment in Hong Kong. It is considered to be one of the freest economies in the world. Hong Kong is also ranked as one of the top countries in the world in terms of GDP. It is no surprise to anyone that Hong Kong is a business-friendly sector with a solid international reputation.

3. Singapore: 

Singapore is the leading financial center of Southeast Asia. It is a gateway for Western businesses and it is one of the fastest-growing regions of the world. International company formation in the country can provide many benefits to the investors. There are more than 50 comprehensive agreements in place for avoiding taxation in the country with other major markets in the world. There are comprehensive intellectual property laws in place that can be helpful to new businesses in protecting their nontangible assets. Singapore has established many regulations for fostering a perfect atmosphere for new businesses.

4. Switzerland: 

Although Switzerland might not be the easiest country to start doing your business, it brings several benefits to your business. The country is ranked number one in Europe for offering economic freedom. You are guaranteed to get an ideal environment for your international company formation. Several factors contribute to the Swiss economy such as a talented workforce, well-established infrastructure, stable political scenario, sophisticated financial markets, lower taxes, and a solid service sector. The financial and banking services of Switzerland are considered to be the most advanced ones in the world.

5. England: 

England was recently ranked as the best country in the world for doing business by Forbes. It is one of the ideal places for international business company formation. Britain was the pioneer of the industrial revolution of the world and the country has taken several big strides since then. Even today the country remains an attractive proposition for investors providing several new opportunities. But what makes the U.K an attractive international market is its business policies, taxation system, and digitalization. All this can support your business well in the initial years of its operations. Despite Brexit, the GDP growth rate of Britain is still the largest in Europe. It exceeds other European countries by a big margin. London is still one of the leading financial hubs of the world.


All countries in the world have their policies and they offer a range of incentives for foreign investors. Offering help to foreign businesses is a way of attracting foreign investment to these countries. Having said that, many other countries are not especially welcoming to foreign businesses. They do not provide the same support to foreign businesses initially from the start-up stage going on to the operations stage. Apart from the 5 countries listed in the article, other countries offer support for international business formation such as, Vietnam, India, and Canada. There are several alternatives available these days for taking your business overseas.


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