Blockchain-powered Caste Certificates To ~65,000 Tribals in Remote Maharashtra

In India, frontier technologies like AI, Blockchain is now not restricted to urban population but reaching in villages, and in a latest development it has been implemented for tribal population as well. 

Out of India's ~ 1.35 billion population, about 9% are tribals. In the state of Maharashtra, the state administration has begun issuing blockchain "caste certificates" to up to 65,000 tribal members in a remote area of Maharashtra, aiming to stop fraudulent claims on government benefits for the tribal population.

Led by 28-year-old Shubham Gupta, who is an officer of the Indian Administrative Services, the certificates are powered by blockchain through a paper representation with a verifiable QR code. Shubham is the administrative head of the Etapalli subdivision of Gadchiroli in the state of Maharashtra.
Indian government officials hand a paper copy of a caste certificate with a QR code linking to its blockchain original to a tribal person in a village in the Etapalli subdivision of district Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. (photo credit - Shubham Gupta/Yahoo Finance)

Shubham came up with this idea of using blockchain post experiencing a fraudulent incident in the tribal area wherein a former elected politician in his area of jurisdiction had fraudulently acquired tribal land by posing as a tribal member using a fake caste certificate.

The blockchain-implementation for the certificates is being done by a three-man government team through a private blockchain-platform Legit Doc, which is an Ethereum-based software application of Crossforge Solutions, a Bangalore-based technology company specializing in blockchain DApp development. The caste-certificates are made using tamper-proof digital documents that was commissioned through a government process using Polygon protocol.

Earlier, LegitDoc helped the Government of Maharashtra to implement blockchain-powered educational credentialing system by issuing nearly 1 million tamper-proof diploma certificates. It was claimed to be the world's largest blockchain-powered educational credentialing system.


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