10 Best HR Tech Startups

A new generation of HR tech startups is giving employers a competitive edge in the fight to attract and keep top talent. HR is by definition a people’s profession, and people are what make businesses go. Despite this, this very human, personal industry appears completely at ease with digital transformation.

The Human Resource solutions industry is undergoing constant change. Technological advancements are constantly taking place in the HR tech space. Technology-based solutions used by the HR industry are expected to lessen some of the stress on HR professionals, who historically work long hours and go unnoticed for all they do in the office. Operations will be streamlined by technology in the upcoming years, and businesses will have higher employee satisfaction as a result.

In sync with these technological changes taking place, the below is the list of ten HR Tech companies and startups that are dynamically working towards achieving efficient HR workflows using emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning and NPU among others


Bridgentech is a boutique Contract to Hire Staffing and Solutions provider. Bridgentech has been offering solutions to the IT industry, backed by capable and skilled candidates who can deliver since 2018. However, they realized that even though there are strong demand and supply forces in the industry, the “right-fit” or “trust-based-hiring” is still evolving & there’s a lot it takes to make that bond happen. So they started looking beyond Job Descriptions and Resumes.

They serve businesses with talented IT professionals through focused and differentiated recruitment processes, Skill-enhancing in-house training, inter-cultural gap bridging, incubation, and international migration support, blended into one-offering tailored to the client.

Bridgentech sources top-of-the-line IT operations engineers in the space of cloud, DevOps, and ContainerOps so that one can deliver the application across any platform with unprecedented agility, precision, and care. They find resources who can help with data consolidation, warehousing, intelligence, etc and assimilating it with scalable modern architectures and applications, thus maximizing its value.


NWORX is a B2B SaaS platform used by professional development service providers or directly by enterprises across India, Europe, and Africa to improve the performance of leaders and professionals. NWORX offers engaging and effective leadership and professional development that is completely embedded in the flow of everyday work of a professional. The company aims to be the category leader in leadership and professional development addressing business challenges across growth, transformation and future-readiness of the workforce.

The services automated by the NWORX platform democratize professional development, managing human ROI in business terms.


Belong is the first predictive outbound hiring solution in the world. The brand's data-driven hiring solution assists growing businesses in identifying and engaging with candidates who best fit their requirements and are most likely to move. Vijay Sharma, a BITS Pilani alumnus, founded the brand in 2014, offering reduced hiring time, automated and personalized outreach, efficient applicant tracking, effective talent engagement, and integrating talent DNA to acquire and retain the best matches. 

The brand's Ml algorithms have enabled businesses to find and target high-fit talent, engage candidates with personalized engagements, and accelerate recruiting cycles at scale.


Ketan Kapoor and Tonmoy Shingal founded Mettl, a Gurugram-based HR technology startup, in 2009 with the goal of leveraging technology for hiring practices in Indian and global enterprises. This technology company provides recruitment assessments, programming tests, psychometric tests, aptitude tests, a pre-built test library of over 200 tests, an interview app, vocational skills assessment, remote proctoring, performance analytics, and a certification platform. The company has a presence in 100 countries and serves over 1,800 clients worldwide.

iXceed Solutions

A Talent and Workforce Solutions services company, iXceed is a service provider to Fortune 500 companies and primarily focuses on these domains globally: Technology, IT consulting and Engineering Consulting.

The company uses Artificial Intelligence-based recruitment solutions to create an in-class experience for both clients and candidates. Some of their clients are- Infosys, HCL, Oracle, Mindtree, NIIT, etc. It is co-founded by Yogita Tulsian, who is also its Director.


Established in 2018, InCruiter is an online recruitment platform based on SAAS in the B2B space. InCruiter provides an Online Recruitment Marketplace for recruitment agencies and independent recruiters to speedup hiring process by 10x. 

The platform connects specialized recruiters with the best track records to the matching jobs. Multiple agencies working on a single job with a single point of contact makes hiring fast and efficient. This in turn enables employers for more accurately hiring with cost and time savings. InCruiter helps in finding you the best candidates in the shortest time without any hassle of phone calls, emails, invoices, and agreements from multiple vendors.


FlexC is an AI-driven talent marketplace for organisations to hire and manage their Hybrid Workforce. It acts as an uber for recruitment for its 150+ clients through its 200+ agency and 25K+ professional network.

FlexC offers an integrated SaaS platform to engage with agencies, hire talent (full time, contractual and remote), create milestones, pay invoices, all at one platform. The company also offers monitoring support to track the performance of the hybrid employees. Managers can track real-time productivity through an interactive dashboard and download performance reports.


Keka is an HR automation software with the mission of solving complex HR challenges. It is essentially an HRMS and Payroll software provider. A SaaS employee experience platform, Keka combines HR, payroll, ATS and performance management in a single suite of tools. It simplifies common tasks and allows organizations to seamlessly manage human resources processes.

Unlike the traditional HR systems, Keka focused on solving complex HR problems in a simple and intuitive way. The product enables organizations to manage their HR processes from hire to retire while ensuring an awesome user experience for the employees. 



Qandle is all-in-one cloud-based HR Solution startup focused on redesigning the HR software from the employees’ perspective. Quandle has launched various solutions to address different facets of the HR department in organizations across all sectors, including - Remote Work Toolkit, Touchless Attendance, Qanbot (HR tasks chatbot), PeoplePro (Free community for HR professionals) etc.

Last year in April, Quandle launched an AI-powered HR chatbot called ‘Qanbot’ that helps automate daily HR tasks of employees and automate and address the day-to-day general queries of employees on behalf of the HR department. Later in October, Quandle launched the beta version of EasyBoard, an AI enabled onboarding chatbot, to make new hire onboarding a seamless experience for the candidates and corporations, both. 



Moveworks is the first employee experience platform that uses conversational AI to solve issues and prevent problems at work. It automatically resolves requests, communicates changes, and shows the team what to fix next. The platform automatically resolves employees’ HR requests, including benefits inquiries, PTO applications, payroll questions, and more.

Moveworks' conversational AI is fluent in nine languages. The company claims that its AI platform gives employees support in seconds, just by asking for what they need, and enables leaders to prevent problems in advance.  Among its clientele, Moveworks counts companies like Hearst, DocuSign, and Broadcom among others.

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