Subsidy on e-Cycles in Delhi — Key Things to Know

Delhi government, which plans to establish the city as the ‘EV capital of India, has launched an online portal through which customers can avail subsidy on the purchase of select electric cycles. Separate subsidies have been announced to make battery-powered electric cycles more affordable for the masses at large.

Delhi government gives provision to incentivize electric cycles (passenger and cargo), which was approved vide Cabinet Decision No. 3075 dated 05.04.2022. Accordingly, the demand incentive on electric cycles is valid for the first 10,000 electric cycles.

Here are few key things to know before buying e-Cycles in Delhi »    

The subsidy is not for all electric cycles.

The Delhi govt has approved 11 electric cycle models from four companies, which are eligible for subsidy so far. However, there is a possibility that this number may increase in the coming time. These include models from four e-cycle making companies below —
  1. Hero Lectro E-Cycle
  2. Nexzoo Mobility Limited
  3. Strider Cycle Private Limited
  4. Motorvolt Mobility Private Limited.

E-Cycle Models Eligible under the Delhi EV Policy

E-Cycle Models Eligible under the Delhi EV Policy

The Delhi government is providing a subsidy of ₹ 5,500 to the first 10,000 buyers who opt for any of the 11 electric cycle models. The first 1,000 buyers can also avail an additional subsidy of Rs 2,000 under the Delhi EV policy.

The cost of an electric cycle model approved by the government before subsidies ranges from ₹31,000 to ₹55,000. To take advantage of the subsidy, the government has opened an online portal on which dealers can enter the details of eligible buyers. The details of two buyers were uploaded on Wednesday, the first day of the portal's opening, while more than 20 electric cycles were sold from the approved list.

Aadhaar Card

The Delhi government says that it will take up to five days from the date of uploading of buyer information to deposit the subsidy amount to the buyers' account . The subsidy will be credited to the customer's Aadhaar linked bank account.

As electric cycles do not have registration plates, the transport department of the Delhi government will attach a unique number to each electric cycle sold. A dealer will have to upload this number along with other details on the portal.

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