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BEIJING, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Global pH Meters Market size was valued at USD 1,729 Million in 2021 and is expected to reach the market size of USD 2,814 Million by 2030 with a considerable CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2030.

The increasing emphasis on environmental testing, which includes monitoring toxins in the air, water, and soil, will drive up the demand for pH meters. A handheld or compact pH meter is frequently used in water and soil conditions environmental measurement investigations to provide exact analytical results. The widespread use of the device for detecting environmental parameters such as ground pH, which indicates the fertility of the soil, will result in the widespread use of pH meters in environmental testing. The increased use of pH meters is being observed as a result of rapid urbanization, which is leading to more industrialization. This contributes to greater contamination of water since companies discharge wastewater into bodies of water. This wastewater should or should not be processed, and it has a substantial impact on the environment. When such water is consumed, it has a negative impact on the body, causing sickness. As a result, this water must be screened prior to consumption, which increases the demand for pH meters.

A pH meter is a valuable electrical instrument used to determine the concentration of hydrogen ions in water and liquid-based solutions. It consists of a temperature probe and a voltmeter attached to an electrode. It compares the pH measurement of a sample solution to that of a standard solution with a predetermined pH. The food and beverage sector is becoming more interested in analyzing the pH value of dairy products such as cheese, cream cheese, and yogurts. It is also utilized in metropolitan wastewater systems and water sports facilities around the world to check the purity of the water supply.

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Report Coverage:

Market pH Meters Market
Market Size 2021 USD 1,729 Million
Market Forecast 2030 USD 2,814 Million
CAGR During 2022 - 2030 5.8%
Analysis Period 2018 - 2030
Base Year 2021
Forecast Data 2022 - 2030
Segments Covered By Product, By Type, By End-use, And By Geography
Regional Scope North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
Key Companies Profiled Agilent Technologies, Hanna Instruments, PerkinElmer Inc., Metrohm USA, Danaher Corporation, Mettler Toledo, Horiba, Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation, Contech Instruments, and Jenco Instruments Inc.
Report Coverage
Market Trends, Drivers, Restraints, Competitive Analysis, Player Profiling, Regulation Analysis
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Global pH Meters Market Growth Aspects

Due to escalating levels of water pollution, growing urbanization & industrialization, and a global shortage of drinkable water, governments in many nations are investing in water treatment facilities. This is one of the most important variables impacting the market growth. In addition, the rising usage of prepared and handy food products as a result of shifting dietary patterns and demanding schedules is driving the industry. Furthermore, the growing prevalence of mental illnesses is influencing the pharmaceutical industry's need for pH meters to determine the acidity or alkalinity of drugs. Aside from that, prominent market participants are introducing compact, handheld pH meters with automatic temperature regulation. This has an impact on their agricultural applications for assessing soil ph. Furthermore, the oil and gas industry is predicted to grow in demand for pH meters in order to achieve quality and regulatory standards, reduce downtime, increase production, and reduce corrosion and waste.

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Increasing Use of pH Meters in Food And Beverage Industries is Propelling the Market Forward

The extensive use of pH meters in the food and beverage sectors to monitor pH levels and protect over extended periods of time is driving the market growth. Because high concentrations of free hydrogen ions can taint food and beverage items, the necessity for pH management is increasing, fueling industrial expansion. Furthermore, the increased adoption of various regulatory standards for the food and beverage industries is driving an increase in the use of pH meters, which is propelling the market growth. The growing awareness of the need of monitoring pH levels throughout the food processing process in order to produce commodities with very well and limited attributes is also propelling industry expansion.

pH Meters Market Regional Overview

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa are the regional classification of the global pH meters market. Asia-Pacific is expected to experience lucrative growth in the ph meters market in the coming years due to the emerging economy, developments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, rising consciousness of technological advancements, increasing awareness in the industrial sector, and an expansion of government funding initiatives. Furthermore, the Asia-Pacific area is quickly expanding, particularly in India and China. Several reclaimed water and wastewater management needs in China are raising demand for pH meters as infrastructure projects expand. Furthermore, due to its application in winemaking, food processing, agricultural, fruit juice, dairy, and other sectors, Food science owns the largest market share in the pH meter market in Asia-Pacific.

pH Meters Market Segmentation

The global pH meters market has been segmented by Acumen Research and Consulting based on product, type, and end-user. Based on the product, the market is divided into bench top pH meters, portable pH meters, and continuous pH meters. Based on the type, the market separated into digital, and manual. Based on end-user, the market is categorized into pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, chemicals and petrochemicals, environmental testing, food and beverage, government and academic institutions, water and wastewater treatment, and others.

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pH Meters Market Players

Some key players covered global in the pH meters industry are Agilent Technologies, Hanna Instruments, PerkinElmer Inc., Metrohm USA, Danaher Corporation, Mettler Toledo, Horiba, Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation, Contech Instruments, and Jenco Instruments Inc.

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