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Accurest is a consulting firm offering top-notch services in Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, and Performance Reporting. The company’s mission is to help e-commerce companies take faster and better business decisions and improve their business processes.
As a consultancy service that manages a wide array of business units, Accurest knew the value of technology like a Learning Management System could bring. However, Accurest wanted a centralized and automated learning platform for its organizational and employee development. Therefore, when considering online training platforms, they searched for a Learning Management System (LMS) that was easy to use, cloud-based, and, more importantly, offered a KPI-driven learning environment.
While searching for a new Learning Management System, Accurest had the following goals in mind when it came to employee training and creating a continuous learning culture:
  1. To embed continuous learning into their company culture to close skill gaps and enhance on the job productivity
  2. Ability to identify high-performing learners
  3. Ability to offer KPI-driven training to their employees to evaluate overall performance
  4. The learning platform should have social learning features
KloudLearn LMS has helped Accurest meet all its goals.
Accurest selected KloudLearn’s online training platform because it enabled them to embed a culture of continuous learning, deliver KPI-driven training, and boost employee productivity. KloudLearn LMS enables its employees to access training anytime and anywhere. Personalized training and social learning form a crucial part of Accurest ’s competitive training environment.
Accurest possesses a strong desire for employee development to make insightful and efficient business decisions. This makes employee training and development essential for them. “Consultancy firms need continuous learning to deliver the best service possible to their clients. Therefore, we required an online learning platform for our workforce to create upskilling training programs, close skill gaps, and enable them to develop the right skills to meet customer demands. KloudLearn has helped us overcome all these challenges by delivering organized and engaging training programs,” said Himal Goyal, Founder of Accurest Consulting.
KloudLearn LMS will help Accurest deliver transformative training that makes online learning more engaging, effective, and easier for employees in any role. The Learning and Development (L&D) team at Accurest can provide KPI-driven training by keeping track of critical metrics weekly. In addition, the robust social learning features of KloudLearn enable learners to ask questions and share learning experiences with others. “KloudLearn is honored to collaborate with Accurest to enable them to build an adaptive workforce. This resonates with Accurest in enabling a learning culture, increasing productivity, and delighting customers,” said Jaspreet Lidder, Marketing Manager, KloudLearn.


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