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OSOS Pvt Ltd announced Spaarks App - a new and potentially largest platform for hyperlocal marketing and advertising for local sellers and service providers. Freelancers, home-based businesses, professionals, shopkeepers, daily service providers, and anyone looking to reach their local network community can use the Spaarks app to boost their business.

“Once a user gets used to the App, the benefits from the app will keep growing. More the number of users use the app, better are the advantages for all. It brings communities together in a beneficial way. It’s the new age community living in a digital world,” said Sai Kiran, the young Operations Head of the Company.

Spaarks is developed by a mobile application development and software services startup M/S OSOS Pvt Ltd, situated in Hyderabad. OSOS Pvt Ltd is working on the future of Social networking and its transformation to a more relevant platform by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies. Its product is focused on providing innovative and unique services to all mobile internet users globally through their mobile application. Team consists of 25+ bright engineers and marketers from across the city working on the development and marketing. The prototyping went through 2021 disrupted by the multiple waves of Covid, lockdowns and work from home. After the prototype phase, OSOS launched their services on Google Play store, AppStore of Apple and their website i.e., the web version. Currently, the app is fully functional and available on all mobile versions of Android and iOS. The app is rated 4.9/5 on the Play Store with hundreds of user ratings.
  1. Spaarks is a local networking app where people can connect locally. It is used by individuals as well as business owners to promote various updates in their neighborhood. A business can use it to collect ratings from their neighborhood with a single profile while promoting its products and services.
  1. Individuals can use Spaarks app to connect with locals, post job listings, find work, review businesses, services and even create polls. Making friends and connecting with new people anywhere the user goes with complete privacy controls is a breeze via the Spaarks app.
  1. Spaarks app helps all kinds of businesses and services to market and advertise locally easily and for free. Sellers can collect reviews and build reputation. For instance, a Maid/Cook can easily inform local area about their service availability. Consumers can reach local vendors directly via call/chat. Even they can post their needs and procure.
  1. In Spaarks user can post at a fixed location or take his post along with him. For e.g., a math’s tutor can post about his service of maths tuition around a hostel, fix his post there and students can see the post and contact the tutor.
  1. Spaarks app provides facility of Spaarks Call, and Spaarks Chat. No user's telephone number is displayed by the app unless user wants it to be displayed. Spaarks app allows users to opt for a phone call without display or sharing of mobile number.
  1. User’s post (Spaark) reaches all of the other users nearby. Other social media posts only reach a user’s followers, which are difficult to get, or users contacts as in WhatsApp. Every marketing expert will advise having a website to attract customers. But small shop keepers or service providers do not have such capability.
  1. Getting a website built is expensive. A website has to be maintained regularly, which costs more money. Website is not of much use if SEO (Search engine optimization) is not done. SEO service also costs money. All of this requires some knowledge of the internet and technology. Every service provider may not be able to afford such a costly and time- consuming service. However, the Spaarks app does not need any SEO. All Spaarks posted are visible to all other users around you.
  1. App organizes all Spaarks posted by any business or user. It automatically creates a profile with images and videos at no cost and immediately. This is sharable too.
  1. Spaarks app allows the user to post the information with pictures and videos and links. Easily and for free. 
  1. Businesses can list and register on some platforms and be seen on the map. But regular updates cannot be announced on such platforms. Spaarks app allows regular posts of new schemes, new arrivals, new services and discounts etc., to reach all users around them.
  1. Customers can connect using phone, chat, WhatsApp and message options available in each post, i.e., Spaark posted by the user.
  1. Global social media reaches everywhere but not next door. Spaarks looks and feels like traditional social media but reaches locally.
  1. Spaarks posted can also move where ever the user goes. The user can choose this option while posting the Spaark. Mobile service providers (like nurses, tutors, plumbers etc.) can cover nearby areas wherever they go.
  1. Existing platforms do not help marketing in neighborhood and require filling forms with many details. These cost for visibility to consumers. Some platforms, require a physical address and verification. One can be listed but cannot regularly post about the service. Others reach select users or followers and not to everyone nearby. Some reach only to contacts of user. Spaarks user can post freely, keep collecting reviews & build reputation. Customers can directly call/chat. Spaarks doesn’tt require mobile number to contact. It reaches everyone around. Customers dont need to follow.
  1. Spaarks catalyzes introductions and friendships between strangers with privacy controls including anonymity.
Marketing is required, yet less explored among small service providers. Local competition is real. Two next door sweet shops compete. Freelancers like home based tailors acquire customers by word of mouth. If such sellers can showcase products, offers, services, reviews, then they can build their reputation in their neighbourhood. For doing this today, either the methods are expensive, non-sustainable, or restrictive.
Spaarks is a highly scalable platform. It is a pre revenue stage investment and hence has low entry barriers. It has contemporary intuitive design and hence usability is high. The user acquisition costs are low and falling. Growth is likely to be exponential since every individual is a potential user on both sides of the digital divide. Multiple revenue streams can be harnessed.

Selling goods or services in and around one’s place of business is known as Hyperlocal marketing and requires Hyperlocal advertising. Using this app one can post information about their business. This post is called a Spaark.
One sees around that there are hundreds of businesses and service providers. All these business promoters and service providers may know about their business. But they do not really know about marketing, leave alone Hyperlocal marketing and Hyperlocal advertising.
But don’t worry. Spaarks app will make everything about marketing and advertising as simple as - one, two, three. Spaarks app is available on Android Play Store, iOS AppStore and also on


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