6 Factors to Keep in Mind Before Designing a Company Logo

Before creating a logo, the very first question that comes into anyone’s mind is WHY do you even need the logo?

So, the answer is the logo is the first impression or the talk of the face that starts the conversation with your audience. You might hear the saying that “First is the last impression” However, it doesn’t fit all the scenarios, when you start dealing with the big giants or the unicorn companies then, in that case, the logo becomes the strong means of the communication.

And, when I say communications, it means your logo is the representative of your company and showcases what values you deliver to the audience. On the flip side, there are great companies that offer logo design services with proper visualization of the company.

However, if you are looking to create a logo for your own company then, I’m going to share 6 factors that you should keep in mind. Before, we discussed let’s talk about some of the renowned companies' logos along with their messaging.

Companies with Catchy Messaging within Logos

I have these interesting companies that have some learning messaging that is hidden within their logos. So, I thought why not share with you guys as well for inspiration.

Baskin Robbins

Well, who doesn’t know about the renowned company Basking Robin - Which was founded in 1953. If you focus on the logo the character “B” is designed in such a way that depicts a number of 13. And, you know this fact, at the start they started selling 31 flavors and why 31 flavors because we mainly have 31 days of the month, alternatively. So, reverse the number to “13” to make it a “B”.

So we as a consumer can have 31 different flavors on each day of the month.


Let’s talk about another renowned ecommerce store which is Amazon. Have you ever wondered what that little arrow at the bottom of the logo means? The arrow represents the A - Z which means everything is available on Amazon that ranges among or everything that comes in between these characters.


You know, everybody wants to flex with Apple products, and why not! They design and manufacture that appeal and get the attention of the audience. The Apple has the bitten “Apple’ and the reason quoted by the designer is that he left the Apple logo half cut to demonstrate scale.

Rob Janoff revealed this statement in 1977 in one of his interviews.


The beats logo actually represents the person within the headphone. Let’s find out how?

The letter “b” is enclosed in a circle. The circle actually represents a human’s head. And, the letter “b” that is formed actually represents the headphone. 


The founder of Dell, Michael Dell has the vision to change the world of his business and that’s why you will see the character “E” with the tilt that means “turn the world on its ear.”

Now you got enough inspiration on how your logo should represent the messaging to your audience. So, it’s time to few of the factors that you should keep in mind before finalizing any log for your company.

6 Factors to Ensure For Your Logo

I believe by following these quick factors will help you to come up with the brilliant ideas for your own company’s logo,

1. Simplicity

If you want that your logo stands out among your competitors or the sample you pitch to your client then always ensure to have simplicity in mind. Now, you must have the question in mind about what it takes to be a simple logo design.

The first thing is wisely choosing the typeface, color options and graphics are the top most crucial step. If I just take an example of Nike. The logo is crystal clear and gives the aesthetics vibes and nothing more than a monochrome swoosh.

2. Originality

Let’s talk about originality then, it’s a complete art and the designer has the test here, how they mold the logo samples while also maintaining the company’s objectives. Designers seek inspiration and there’s no harm in it but the originality comes with the experience. The skilled designer has always these traits that he/she understands the company goal and clients' requirements and tries their level best with the originality.

I believe that originality would leave the mark on your mind and it doesn’t easy to forget it. Here’s one of the quick example, do let me know what you think?

1. Versatility

You know the logo plays a vital role because it places on different digital media spaces like websites and social media platforms. Not only that, the logo is also used for outbound marketing as well like, printing on t-shirts, cups or customized key-chains, and much more.

Being, a designer you need to ensure the logo you’re creating should be versatile and adaptable on all the platforms you choose. In short, you also need to think about which spaces your logo is going to place so it could look representable and deliver the exact messaging.


2. Scalability

When we scalability, it means that has ZERO pixelation issues, so if the logo goes printing for any sort of brochure, business, or billboard. It shouldn’t rectify any issues in terms of size.

In order to achieve the scalability in your logo, the designer has to create the logo in vector format. The reason is vector files are created while keeping the rescaling factor in mind, so your logo looks just as sharp when it’s flaunted to a large size.

3. Balance & Proportion

A balance and well-proportion design logo mean that you have utilized the right amount of text, colors, and animation or graphics. Balanced aspects always grab the attention of the user and give your stand-out look among the competitors.

4. Timelessness

Companies have the policy that they will revamp the colors of the logo and that’s acceptable and that is actually on the occasional basis. For example, companies BFCM, Christmas or Halloween, so, what they do, they add the elements as per the festive happening.

But one thing is really while discussing the timelessness factor that your logo should look as modern, crisp, and aesthetic after 10 years as it is looking today.

Final Words!

That’s it! If you’re a designer and come to this long. Then, I want to give you a big shoutout for reading my blog post till the end. If you think, I should cover other aspects of the design feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Until then, happy designing!

About The Author

Mack Chris is a specialist in Graphic and LOGO designing with more than 5 years of experience in promoting and marketing brands in the digital world. He loves to read and share his digital marketing experience with the rest of the community. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, sketching, plays football, and goes swimming.


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