RocketX Exchange Integrates 1inch and Binance for Seamless Aggregation of CEX & DEX Exchanges

With 1inch integration, RocketX Exchange has taken a step to simplify crypto trading through its ‘All in One’ crypto trading app.

RocketX Exchange – the first Blockchain platform to aggregate Centralised and Decentralised Crypto exchanges has achieved a major milestone in driving mass adoption of Crypto across the globe. The platform has simplified crypto trading with 1inch integration that supports 7 networks altogether – Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain (BSC), Polygon (Matic), Avalanche (AVAX), Gnosis (xDAI), Arbitrum & Optimism.

In the present trading scenario, crypto exchanges are plagued with liquidity issues leading to slippage issues. At any given point in time, users would never know which exchange provides the best rate for the token which causes liquidity issues. Furthermore, many networks are available having DEXs which makes it difficult even for an experienced trader to navigate multiple networks and trade their favourite tokens, resulting in inaccessibility. RocketX Exchange endeavours to address this problem by aggregating both the centralized and decentralized exchanges to help users with the best rates for ANY token across 150+ exchanges on a single platform.

Commenting on 1inch integration, Davinder SIngh, Co-founder of RocketX Exchange said, “By integrating both 1inch and Binance, we have established the base of the product and successfully addressed major problems existing in the current crypto trading market. As we keep building the product and aggregating more and more exchanges on both CEX and DEX, we believe that RocketX Exchange will be the “All-in-one” crypto trading app that drives the mass adoption of Crypto globally.”

Incepted in 2021, RocketX Exchange is the first CEX & DEX aggregator protocol. It supports Multi chain trade with Cross-Chain Swaps and Cross-Chain Bridges between 10+ leading networks. The platform fetches rates from DEXs and the world’s biggest centralized exchange – Binance, with $21B liquidity. Furthermore, it charges the industry's lowest fee of 0.05% on Swaps, when there is a better rate available from CEX.

Besides this, the platform also provides users complete control over their assets with a fully non-custodial solution that supports a range of digital wallets.

“One can never rely on an exchange or any service provider with one's crypto, however big they are. We at RocketX Exchange empower our users to have 100% control of their funds by allowing users to own the private keys which is the key to the ownership of tokens,” he added.

Additionally, the platform also supports Cross-Chain Swaps and Cross Chain Bridges of native assets between leading networks. This makes RocketX Exchange the only app for trading any token across chains with the best prices and minimum slippage. By supporting swaps as well as multiple networks, RocketX Exchange makes it easy for the user to swap any token across different chains using a single platform.

About RocketX

RocketX exchange is the first to aggregate both the Centralised and Decentralised Crypto Exchanges and makes it easy for the user to find the best rates to swap ANY token across different exchanges with lowest gas fee (Save up to 80%). It supports Multi Chain Trade via Cross Chain Swaps & Bridges b/w the leading chains.


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