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Growing Jobsgaar gets SucSEED backing again

Jobsgaar Technologies Pvt Ltd, has secured an undisclosed amount in fundraise, led by SucSEED Indovation Fund, Blume Founder Fund, BlackSoil, Karekeba Ventures & other industry stalwarts have joined along in their Pre-Series A round.

Jobsgaar had earlier raised funds from SucSEED Indovation Fund in May last year.

With the motto of “Connecting workforce to 100Million #WalkToWork jobs in Bharat”, Jobsgaar aims to be India's first #CareerTech venture managing the career journey of the workforce in Bharat through world's best tech innovations. Jobsgaar is a career tech solution that manages a job seeker’s career journey while enabling them to access upskilling, lifestyle solutions, financial & banking inclusions through innovative tech solutions.

Unlike other JobTech or HRTech companies, Jobsgaar allows the workforce to find walk-to-work jobs at their native places or nearest town possible while creating an impact on inter-state migration. On the other hand, Jobsgaar is enabling local employers & companies looking to hire in tier 2 or 3 towns to find relevant talent in the shortest time possible. In the past 6 months, Jobsgaar has boarded around 150K job seekers from 15 towns of Uttar Pradesh. With over 600 employers posting around 7500 job opportunities from tier 2 or 3 towns of the state. Also, WhatsApp chatbot, which is the primary product of Jobsgaar, has bridged over 2500 candidates to the WalkToWork jobs.

Atul Pratap Singh, Co- Founder and CEO of Jobsgaar said, “The early signs from the market are exciting & ensuring that there is no dearth of job opportunities in tier 2 or 3 towns of Bharat. We as a technology company are committed to build omnichannel solutions that will bridge the void between workforce & local employers. While managing the career journey of the workforce, we aim to help them make wiser decisions. As we are a high populous country, we know that there are ample resources available to work. However, the challenge for employers lies in finding the ‘serious’ one in the shortest possible time. That is what we are building for."

He further added that “Funding raised from SucSEED Indovation Fund and such established Angel Investors will help us in escalating our solution development phase & distribution plan. We have recently rolled out our ver1.0 of the Android App for selected markets”.

Speaking on why they have invested Vikrant Varshney Co-Founder & Managing Partner of SucSEED Indovation Fund, said “As per the recent BCG report, 2.4 crore new jobs could be created in the gig blue-color space, and by 2028 this could reach around 9 crore jobs. The biggest job generators in the gig blue-collar space right now are e-commerce and logistics.

Jobsgaar connects employers with employees at the source location, enabling the workforce to find district level jobs. There is a huge TAM, SAM, SOM in this space and we wanted to back Jobsgaar again, in their formative years; as they develop world’s first district-level hyperlocal job or workforce discovery chatbot integrated into WhatsApp.”

Vikrant further added, “Since the time we funded in their first round, Jobsgaar has had a fabulous journey. They have attracted key clients like Cars 24, BLU Smart, Thyrocare, Hero, Planet PCI andsigned an agreement to assist 68K+ petrol pump owners in hiring blue-collar workforce. It is currently available in 15-20 districts of UP and now expanding to cover other 53 districts of UP & also move to Bihar. Jobsgaar is witnessing 800% growth in job seekers on the platform from 10,000 to 90,000+ job seekers with 700% growth in job listings."

Jobsgaar was started in May 2020 by Atul Pratap Singh, with a vision to create an impact on migration trends within the country & help employers seamlessly connect with workforce at their native place.

Market Potential:

The employers in these markets have to publish classifieds in vernaculars that will cost them around 15-20$ or they can hire an HR consultancy (only in tier 2 towns and not in 3 or 4) that will charge them 4-8% of total CTC of the post that stands pretty high. Also, the classified or the consultants will just get you the applications and the employers have to dive deep in filtering & shortlisting the candidate. On the other hand, Jobsgaar automates this entire process & employers will only have to speak to the shortlisted candidates & finalize.

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