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Connect Network Blockchain is a new revolutionary layer 2 scaling platform that will provide high throughput and extremely low transaction fees on its network. Connect Network Blockchain is an EVM Blockchain with proof of stake consensus algorithm. This new Blockchain will allow developers to build DApp on this with a support from the foundation in the form of grants.

The layer 2 EVM space is crowded with many platforms evolved in the last couple of years, this shows that there is enough demand and requirement of faster-performing platforms and developers to build on it. There has been a huge demand from the Defi, gaming, and NFT marketplace developers to explore this opportunity and provide users low cost faster transactions.

CNT token is the native utility token of the Connect Network Blockchain that will be used for staking on its POS consensus algorithm. The foundation will utilize this token to provide grants and fund development of DApp on this Blockchain.

Connect Network is raising funds through presale and seed rounds through sale of CNT tokens, while there has been a huge interest from various crypto VC funds Connect Network Blockchain will be announcing migration of some major Crypto projects in the next few weeks. Connect Network Blockchain CEO, Simeon Socratous, states, “Connect Network Blockchain will revolutionise the approach to EVM through its unique methods of practices, With our strong technical background and outstanding team we are here to deliver a new distributed ledger from the Connect Network Blockchain.”

He further added that “We want to put our mark in this era of new emerging technology by upgrading the way we use blockchain technology.”

Connect Network Blockchain will be bringing a refreshing and exciting dimension to the blockchain sector with innovative services and the vision of Simeon, Connect Network Blockchain is sure to be one of the market leaders in this space.

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