DaveAI Joins Intel’s Open Retail Initiative to Accelerate the Pace of Innovation in the Retail Sector

DaveAI; a visual AI platform empowering businesses to leverage AI to augment customer experience & sales, has collaborated with Intel; the founding member of ORI (open retail initiative) to scale innovative digital solutions in the retail sector.

The Open Retail Initiative

Intel has launched an open retail initiative (ORI) in collaboration with various organizations in the industry to initiate digitalization in the processes of retail sector that transcend the existing traditional roles. The open retail initiative is a program that consists of a group of organizations doing work for the retail sector coming together to bring about a successful transformation in retail.

Challenges faced by organizations

With the advancement of AI, the arrival of digital transformation in retail has driven a need to update current working methodologies and enhance the customer experience. Fluctuating customer demands have led the supply chains to re-evaluate the dynamics of the domain. There are many challenges organizations face to bring about this evolution. A unified strategy across all departments is hard to build. Fulfilment of the requirements of technical, operational, and financial feasibility becomes difficult that leads the organizations to slow down their approach.

The partnership solution

To overcome such challenges, the ORI has deployed an open framework for businesses to build scalable solutions on a common platform mitigating the circumstantial need for resources. Seamless integrations are enabling business owners to understand and upgrade all aspects of the retail sector. ORI benefits retailers, SIs, ISVs, OEMs/ODMs, and solution aggregators by making interoperability easily possible to deploy new systems on the go.

About DaveAI

The DaveAI lens projects the ultimate goal of deploying complex AI use cases easily that meets the objectives ORI has. With an understanding of the market and deployment of real time data, DaveAI provides a unique blend of personalization and accuracy with its AI based product solutions. DaveAI's platform enables a seamless customer journey while easing out the process of product discovery.

The chain of improvements seen today, highlights the use of immersive technologies driven by AI when customer satisfaction is seen bubbling with the sales in retail hitting the roof. Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Ananthakrishnan Gopal, Cofounder & CTO - DaveAI said, 'In partnership with Intel, DaveAI will keep contributing to the retail sector by deploying higher value solutions to humanize digital experience and help build meaningful customer relationships.

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