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Analytics India Magazine (AIM) launched its annual report “Top 50 Companies for Data Scientists To Work For”, which ranks organisations in India based on how well suited their policies are for their data science employees.

AIM surveyed hundreds of employers in India to glean insights on how they have created an exemplary work environment for their data scientists. The survey reviews each company’s benefits and people programs such as training and development, benefits and well-being, productivity, diversity and more.

AIM received responses from 136 companies that were scored between 0 to 1 across five different parameters or sub-indices. The average of the five sub-indices made up the overall index—the top 50 with the highest overall index made it to the report. No fee was charged for participation in the survey, and the participation was voluntary.

“Attracting and retaining data science has become crucial for analytics functions to survive. At the same time, data scientists seek organisations with the best growth opportunities while also feeling good about their work,” said Bhasker Gupta, Founder and CEO of Analytics India Magazine, “Good company policies and healthy work culture are very important for a symbiotic growth of both—the firm and the data scientists.”

“Our ranking of Top 50 Firms for Data Scientists to work for highlights top data science firms to work for and the policies, attributes, and initiatives that make organisations favourable for their data scientists. This can help organisations not only to improve their talent branding but also identify areas in which they can improve. With so many opportunities in the market, data scientists can use this report to identify what organisation they would like to work for depending on the strengths of the respective firm.”

The study

The 31-page report carries six sections, one for the overall index and five for each sub-index — Learning & Support, Productivity & Engagement, Benefits & Well-being, Rewarding Excellence and Diversity & Inclusion. Each section highlights the top five companies that scored the highest in the sub-index and firms that performed well on individual scores within the sub-index.

Intuit India scored the highest overall index at 0.73 to register itself as the best firm for data scientists to work for in 2022. Intuit had the highest ranking in the Learning and Support sub-index, scoring 0.90.

American Express stands at the second position with an overall index score of 0.70. The organisation ranks second in the Learning & Support sub-index with a score of 0.85. The company not only mandates high learning hours; it offers all the support its employees might need to upskill.

With almost the same score (0.70) as the second position, Walmart Global Tech India ranks third on the Best Firms list for 2022. Walmart scores the highest (0.83) within the Diversity & Inclusion sub-index. The company has the highest representation of women in its data science teams.

In fourth place, we have Lowe’s India with a score of 0.69. The firm scores 0.96 on the Benefits & Wellbeing subindex, mainly attributed to the high number of paid leaves the company has to offer along with a variety of flexi-benefits that include work flexibility, health benefits, counselling services, WFH setup reimbursement, etc.

Fractal Analytics scores 0.69 to rank 5th. This can be mainly attributed to its high score of 0.96 in the Benefits & Wellbeing sub-index. The company puts unconditional trust in its employees with an instant leave approval and no tracking leave policy. The company also allows its employees to choose their work timings and provides work from home option.

All the companies in the top 50 put in a considerable effort to build a conducive work environment.

Key highlights
  • Intuit India scored the highest overall index at 0.73, followed by American Express, Walmart Global Tech India, Lowe’s Services India, and Fractal Analytics.
  • Intuit India scored the highest in the Learning & Support sub-index with a score of 0.90, followed by American Express, ZS Associates, Rakuten India, and Tiger Analytics.
  • Capgemini scored the highest in the Productivity Engagement sub-index with a score of 0.77, followed by CoRover, OLX Autos, Siemens Technology and Services, and Envestnet | Yodlee.
  • Swiggy scored the highest in the Benefits & Wellbeing sub-index with a perfect score of 1.00, followed by Lowe's Services India, Intuit India, Fractal Analytics, and HDFC Bank.
  • Drishti scored the highest in the Rewarding Excellence sub-index with a score of 0.64, followed by Swiggy, TheMathCompany, American Express, and Ugam.
  • Walmart Global Tech India scored the highest in the Rewarding Excellence sub-index with a score of 0.83, followed by EY Global Delivery Services LLP, Shell India, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, and Edelman India.
Access the complete 31-page report here.


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