Agritech Startup Fasal Wins Patent for Fasal Kranti, a Solar-powered IoT Device for Precision Farming

Fasal, India’s earliest full-stack agri-tech solutions company, today announced that it has won a patent for its innovative solar-powered IoT device for precision farming — Fasal Kranti. The patent, granted by the Indian Patent Office, recognizes Fasal Kranti for its innovation, novelty and application. 

With this, Fasal becomes the first company in India to offer a patented precision farming device for horticulture farmers.

The plug-and-play Internet of Things (IoT) device, Fasal Kranti, which runs on solar and battery power, is installed in horticulture farms (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc). Through its sensors, it measures various farm level macroclimatic, microclimate conditions along with rainfall, soil moisture, soil temperature, wind direction, leaf wetness, etc. The data collected from the hardware device is processed into actionable advisories for farmers using agronomic models, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Horticulture farmers are then alerted on these farm-specific advisories via an app on their mobile phones — lending them a comprehensive picture of their farms.

Fasal Kranti

Fasal Kranti
Fasal Kranti IoT Device

Fasal Kranti provides disease and pest control preventive assistance by alerting farmers on which treatment to use and when to use it. Its irrigation advisory helps save water, allowing farmers to provide their farms with the right amount of water required at the right time. 

By equipping farmers with crop intelligence, Fasal has impacted 50,000 plus acres of farm land across the country mitigate production risks and achieve higher yields and profitability. 

Since its inception in 2018, Fasal’s real-time insights have helped farmers collectively save 10 billion litres of water (about 30-50% lower irrigation water use), achieve upto 15-30% reduction in pesticide costs and about 15-30% rise in yield — thereby empowering farmers to achieve predictable incomes. Through Fasal, farmers have been able to achieve upto 40% increase in their incomes.

Shailendra Tiwari & Ananda Verma - Fasal Founders

Commenting on the patent win, Ananda Verma, the Founder and CEO of Fasal, said, “The grant of patent for Fasal Kranti, which has been in development by our team since March 2019, is a testament to Fasal’s commitment to innovation and supporting farmers with actionable farm-level advisories. For generations together, farmers have relied upon guesswork in farming — leading to unpredictable yields and incomes. Fasal Kranti’s tech-backed insights eliminate the unpredictability to bring higher yields and predictable incomes. We are driven to take Fasal Kranti globally to many more farmers and look forward to helping them grow more and better."

Fasal Kranti has also won the IMARK 2021 award by India Design Mark. The company has also won the Next Gen Product of the Year 2021 award by NASSCOM.

More About Fasal

Fasal is India’s earliest full-stack agritech solutions company. It helps horticulturists reduce the cost of cultivation and increases quality and yield through its AI-powered patented IoT device, Fasal Kranti, that delivers farm-level actionable advisories. Through precision farming, Fasal aims to remove guesswork out of farming and empower horticulture farmers with predictable incomes. 

The company propagates sustainable horticulture practices and solutions that impact the social, economic, and environmental facets, thereby making a big impact on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Started in 2018 by Ananda Verma and Shailendra Tiwari, the company is on a mission to drive a horticulture-led farming revolution globally.


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