Tsaaro, India’s premier data protection as a service provider, has seen a 4X times increase in interest and inquiries from esports gaming platforms for data privacy solutions this quarter. The development is indicative of the fact that the gaming industry is becoming more sensitive towards data privacy issues and wants to have effective protection for user data. Tsaaro has become a one-stop solution for gaming companies, ensuring that they comply with all applicable data privacy guidelines and laws while also having an effective endpoint security system in place.

Gaming has grown into a thriving industry in recent years, with nearly half a billion new players joining the mix in the last three years alone. According to an Accenture report, the global gaming industry will be worth more than $300 billion in direct and indirect revenue in 2021, which is more than the film and music industries combined.

Mr Akarsh Singh, CEO & CoFounder, Tsaaro

Tsaaro equips these platforms with power, control, and simplicity to prevent data privacy violations while providing the necessary tools to facilitate compliance. Penetration testing by Tsaaro helps these platform providers realize where they stand in the event of a real cyber attack on their systems and hence build a stronger system. Tsaaro advises a gaming company to obtain an ISO 27001 certification and use data masking and encryption to protect data from various vulnerabilities.

Commenting on the same, Mr Akarsh Singh, CEO and CoFounder, Tsaaro said: "According to recent reports, the gaming industry has been subjected to 12 billion cyber-attacks in the last 17 months, the vast majority of which occurred during the pandemic. The industry is undeniably thriving and growing in popularity among people of all ages. The most vulnerable are children and teenagers who have shared personal information with gaming companies and are now victims of data breaches. Tsaaro provides turnkey solutions and services to businesses to help them protect the personal information of their customers. It also offers game developers tools to help them better understand data and perform better in the gaming industry."

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