Experiential Learning Platforms in India

Experiential Learning is an engaged learning process whereby students "learn by doing" and by reflecting on the experience. The word 'Experiential' is derived from 'Experience' thus it involves learning from experience.

The theory of Experiential Learning was proposed by educational theorist David Kolb who was influenced by the work of other theorists including John Dewey (whose work on democracy influenced Dr. B.R. Ambedkar), Kurt Lewin, and Jean Piaget.

According to David Kolb, Experiential learning can be defined as "the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combinations of grasping and transforming the experience."

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Experiential learning is the future of learning !

We have identified few platforms in experiential learning domain though surprisingly few we had earlier identified have changed from experiential space to another learning-based platforms. Below are existing ones in alphabetical order -



Edufiq is an online courseware on Artificial Intelligence (AI) specifically designed for kids of class 5th-10th (8-15 years-old).

For students of classes 5-7, Edufiq uses game-based learning using Minecraft, to make AI learning easier for a child. Notably, Minecraft is the 2nd most played video-game by children globally and Edufiq integrates the principles of Minecraft with Game-based learning activities in order to expose children to real-life situations in a risk-free digital space.

For students of classes 8th-10th, Edufiq offers Experiential Kit, helping them to use their skills and further enhance them while acquiring a new one – Artificial Intelligence. The Edufiq kit promotes learning through hands-on experience, enhances problem-solving skills in children along with their cognitive skills such as logical reasoning, decision making and critical thinking.

It offers a curated Experiential Kit which consists of the new BBC micro: bit, OLED screen, Crash Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Rainbow LED, Noise Sensor, Light Sensor, 180 Servo, Soil Moisture Sensor, Motor with Fan, Relay, Submersible Pump, and Sensor Bit.


Habbit is an online experiential learning platform that connects passionate mentors and learners through live mentorship, engaging learning experiences. The platform that aims to connect passionate mentors and creative learners through live mentorship & engaging learning.

Habbit offers live and virtual classes in one-on-one, small groups or in workshops mode.

Mentors can create classes and share skills with the members of Habit. While learners can learn skills of their choice with one class and one project at a time. Workshops are concise, one-time classes with a project or a product based goal.

Skill learners can also make connections and join a community of creative thinkers who share their interests. The categories include -- Arts, Design, Dance, Fitness, Gardening and Music, among others.

Immersion India

Immersion India creates experiential learning through travel. It is a Bengaluru based startup that curates study-centric, experiential learning programs in urban and rural India. The platform - via traveling - guides students, corporates, faculty and professionals to learn from first-hand experiences in a culturally-diverse developing country - "India" !

Immersion India has dedicated academic and cultural experts skilled in researching trends and current issues that can provide high-impact learning experiences. Its close ties with faculty and program leaders get its users more clarity on how best to adapt study experiences to complement specific academic requirements.

The platform offers paid curated programs for a group of minimum 10 individuals (often for 25-30 years) that cover airport transfers, local transport, hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, ferry tickets or travel insurance

Immersion India has been a  winner of UNWTO SDGS Global Startup competition for creating experiential learning through travel. Immersion India is one among the 25 winners chosen from across 138 countries.


KidsChaupal is a mobile app-based discovery platform enabling children to get exposed to multiple learning choices in varied domains, from dancing, playing golf to playing chess or learning finance, entrepreneurship, according to children's personalities.

With KidsChaupal digital platform, kids get to come together and meet child prodigies of their ages, mentors, teachers, coaches and organizations that provide specific skill set and help children in their learning experience, come.

Quintessentially, KidsChaupal create a nurturing community for kids to explore and venture into the depths of their interests, skill set, and abilities and help you and your kid recognize and discover the child’s true potential

SP Robotic Works

SP Robotic Works is an AI-based edutainment company that provides a platform for young children to learn, build and showcase in some of the most sought after technologies in India and around the world. It provides learning courses in Robotics, Drones, IoT (Internet of Things), Image Processing, Virtual Reality (VR), Android App Development and other next-generation skills or education.

They deliver courses both on Online & Offline Smart classes mode. For online learning, the first step would be to buy the hardware kits from its website. For offline, one can join SP Robotics' Maker Labs spread across different cities in India.

The company also claims to have provided its students opportunities in TEDx to speak out the ideas of their projects and involve them in the projects to companies like Qualcomm, Tata that gives huge exposure and professional experience.


Practically is a product of 3RDFlix, an immersive experiences company using latest in visualization technology to make delivery of education highly effective. 

'Practically' is an experiential learning mobile app that offers experience-based learning for students from classes 6-12 and adds Augmented Reality to it that makes learning seem fun, engaging & interactive.

Practically videos are bite-sized capsules of information, aimed at increasing retention and keeping its students engaged. The app claims to be the only self-learning app that enables STEM learning through immersive videos, interactive augmented reality, and 3D simulations. Practically app is the one-stop solution for all your learning needs.

Available as Android and iOS app, Practically provides immersive videos, 3D simulations and Augmented Reality modules, specifically designed to make learning experiential and increase retention. In addition to the videos, students also get in-video Q&As, Chapter Tests and Mock Exams.
Zell Education is striving to make skill upgradation effective, affordable and accessible for everyone with experiential learning as its core-philosophy. It has collaborated with Industry experts to offer hands-on industry experience with on-field assignments to its students.

Zell's faculty consists of leading industry experts and professionals whose key insights and industry knowledge help us design & deliver an exhaustive course curriculum, in addition to an interactive learning experience.

The e-learning platform is currently focused to learning programs in Finance, Accounting and Management.

Zell also conducts rigorous training & placement sessions including mock interviews for students, to prepare them for aptitude tests, group discussions & multiple rounds of job interviews prior to applying for campus placements.

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