Investments slated for R&D, Product Buildout, and establishing Global Security Resource Centre

Snowbit’s SaaS platform and expert services teams enable organizations to proactively monitor their entire cloud environment’s security and compliance.

  • India and Israel will be initial focus markets given its large existing customer base and the growing base of cloud-native businesses
  • To institute 24x7 Global Security Resource Centre comprising of Security Analysts, Security Researchers, and Threat Hunting Professionals in New Delhi
  • Snowbit aims to enable cloud-native companies across domains to comprehensively monitor and address cybersecurity risks

Leading provider of observability, Coralogix, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, announced the launch of Snowbit, a full-service cybersecurity venture focussed on empowering cloud-native companies to secure themselves against growing cyber risks in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Founded and being led by tech veterans and former Amazon Web Services (AWS) executives - Navdeep Manaktala and Zack Barak, Snowbit will have operations across Tel Aviv and New Delhi/Gurgaon. An Indo-Israeli venture, Snowbit will have its operations (R&D, product development, and expert teams) across India and Israel to leverage the best of Israeli cybersecurity talent and India’s unique position to become the global cybersecurity hub of the world.

Snowbit by Coralogix

Snowbit’s Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR) incorporates a SaaS platform and expert services. The platform gives organizations a comprehensive view of their cloud environment’s security and compliance (CIS, NIST, SOC, PCI, ISO, HIPAA). The expert teams are offered 24x7 to provide support for more efficient remediation.

Snowbit’s MxDR platform builds on the strengths of the Coralogix data streaming platform. It seamlessly ingests and enriches a broad range of data sources. The platform then scans your entire cloud environment for abnormal activity, configuration, network, and vulnerability issues. It automates threat detection and incident response leveraging machine learning, an extensive set of pre-configured rules, alerts & dashboards, and support for integration with any orchestration platform. Snowbit takes a holistic and proactive approach to cybersecurity vis-a-vis point solutions largely focused on detection and response.

The MxDR platform is complemented by a team of security experts deployed at Snowbit’s 24x7 Global Security Resource Centre in New Delhi. The expert service centre comprising of analysts, researchers, and threat hunting & incident response professionals will offer real-time guided responses to enable organizations to respond decisively to threats detected in their environment.

Snowbit will support multi-cloud infrastructure and SaaS environments. In addition, owing to the large investments outlined for the Indian market, allow customers the unique advantage of being able to process and retain data within the country at all times thereby remaining compliant with applicable data localisation norms including those proposed under the upcoming Data protection regulation.

Navdeep Manaktala is a technology industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in building and scaling cloud, mobile, and Internet businesses at companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, and AWS. Most recently, he was at AWS, where he established and led the cloud giant’s startup business comprising tens of thousands of customers across Asia-Pacific & Japan. Zack Barak is a cybersecurity industry veteran with 25+ years of cross-functional experience with Sygnia, Israel Aerospace, Israel Defence Force, and most recently was the CISO of Annapurna Labs (an Amazon company).

Navdeep Manaktala – Co-Founder, Snowbit & President – APJ, Coralogix, said “Rapidly accelerating cyberthreats are leaving many organizations exposed and unable to effectively deal with security challenges as they arise. Snowbit aims to address fundamental security-related challenges faced today including growing cloud complexity, increasing sophistication of attacks, lack of in-house cybersecurity expertise, and the overhead of managing multiple point security solutions.”

“Observability forms the bedrock of cybersecurity, and as a result, Snowbit is strategic for Coralogix as it enables us to offer a powerful integrated observability and security proposition to unlock the value of data correlation,” said Ariel Assaraf, CEO of Coralogix. “Snowbit’s platform and services enable organizations to overcome challenges of cybersecurity talent and disparate tools to more effectively secure their environments.”

"The Snowbit MxDR, with its proactive approach and pre-built detection capabilities complemented by the expertise at our Security Resource Centre, is one of the most powerful offerings for holistic cloud security," said Zack Barak.

About Snowbit

Snowbit is a cybersecurity technology innovator with a vision to empower organizations across the globe to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively secure themselves against omnipresent and growing cyber risks. To enable this, Snowbit is looking to offer the broadest cloud-native managed detection and response offering available. The team is currently looking to expand globally - if interested, find the current open positions here. Users can sign up here to get alerts about the Snowbit launch.

About Coralogix

Coralogix is the leading in-stream observability platform, using proprietary Streama© technology to provide modern engineering teams with real-time insights and trend analysis for their data with no reliance on storage or indexing.

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