Social Networking App O’hi Secures A Funding of INR 3 Cr.

The brand intends to use the funding to bolster its technology, products, pilots, team building to prepare for aggressive scale

O’hi is the social networking app that took the first movers advantage using the power of real-life human interaction in the same physical space as café to allow people to make meaningful connections instantly.

The firm has raised INR 3 Cr. in seed funding from marquee investors such as Mr Rahul Mehta ( Managing partner DST ), Angellist US among others.

O'Hi solves problems in real life instantly while anyone is at a café or a lounge. The app is making it convenient for tourists to interact with locals or fellow tourists in a random city.

Founded in 2021, the brand is a result of Rupal Sharma and Adeeti Singh brainchild. In just six months of running beta, O’hi has seen over 56K user's behavior, they are diving deep into each & every expectation of authentic, instant socializing. They will soon be going for the next raise to move out of Beta, accelerate growth & double down on growth hacks, user intends that has shown strong signs of being a Global sensation

Commenting on the fund infusion Rupal & Adeeti, Founders, O’hi, said “We are very pleased to receive these funds and would like to thank our partners in realizing the vision that we had set out for O’hi. We are entering a very exciting, high acceleration phase in our journey and I am confident that this partnership will grow many folds in the coming months. We have an immense on-ground knowledge & learning of Human behaviors at different types of cafes, at different hours of the day as have been working, studying the same for over 4 years now. More and more Indian people are connecting via O’Hi every day, as the network breaks down geographic barriers and helps people in real life instantly while anyone is at a café or a lounge. We believe that the deep insights, learning they have accumulated in these months of piloting in Jaipur, Goa, Pune etc has enabled them to be on the path of the first big on-ground social network across the World.

The brand will leverage the capital infusion to invest in technology, products, and pilots to bolster its app, strengthen its team, and build the brand. They are looking at increasing their services. The platform started with Goa, Jaipur and currently with Pune, Gurugram and Bangalore intending to expand to new cities. 

About O’hi:

O'hi started in 2021 with Jaipur and Goa as their pilot cities, intending to further move to Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore. Within half a year of existing in the market, the brand has a 56K plus user base, an initial round of funding and an extensive expansion plan.

The Young duo, Rupal & Adeeti have been friends for 13 years and have studied human behavior live at cafes. The fun fact is they are so deeply involved in this domain that it’s been over 4 years that every day they have visited at least 4 cafes to explore various things happening around in a cafe in terms of human behaviors and need, seek learnings. The app is making it convenient for tourists to interact with locals or fellow tourists in a random city.

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