In India, it is possible to have the chance to enjoy multiple cricket competitions. Punters can visit online websites in order to take advantage of many betting opportunities that these championships provide.

The Vijay Hazare Trophy (now officially known as Paytm Vijay Hazare trophy for sponsorship reason) is a competition that has been played since 2002. The cricket format played here is List A. However, during its beginnings, it had many forms of limited-overs cricket.

As it happens with many other cricket competitions in India, there are different teams that represent different states from the country. Until the 2014-15 season, the teams were divided into 5 different zones, which were:
  • central;
  • east;
  • north;
  • south;
  • and west.
The teams of each area would play among themselves during the first rounds. Once these stages of the Vijay Hazare Trophy are completed, the squads face each other at a national level. All these interesting matches can be wagered on by visiting the any online website.

Cricket - All You Need To Know About The Vijay Hazare Trophy

Format of the competition

As it was previously said, each squad plays the first rounds of the Vijay Hazare Trophy against other teams of their geographic area. Each team faces each of its opponents once. When visiting bookmaker's website - online match betting can be made on all these matches whenever they take place.

Once those group matches are complete, the five winners and the best second-placed team qualify into the quarter-final round. However, two more teams are needed in order to make a proper knockout stage. For deciding those teams, additional contests are played where the four remaining runner-ups play a sort of knockout in order to have just two winning teams.

From season to season, some changes have been introduced. However, the general idea of the Vijay Hazare trophy remains, which means to play their geographical neighbors first, and then advance to a knockout stage. The best online match betting options are available on the bookmaker website, which offers great wagers on all Indian cricket matches.

Multiple winners

There have been many teams who have claimed the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Since the 2004-05 season, when the final stages were introduced, Tamil Nadu has been the squad who has claimed this title on the largest number of occasions. Therefore, visiting in any website in line to wager on this squad can be a good idea.

However, there have been other teams that have attempted to challenge Tamil Nadu’s domination. The squads that have won this trophy on more than one occasion include Karnataka and Mumbai. In general, the Vijay Hazare Trophy is quite competitive there will be many interesting squads to wager on.

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