From Co-Farming Techniques to Video-Shopping for Consumers, Atomaday Aims To Increase Farmers' Income in India
Atomaday Farm in Bengaluru [Image -]

Incepted in 2019, Atomaday is an agritech revolutionary brand that has invested resources to build an effortless technology infrastructure to benefit farmers. Over the last year itself, Atomaday has grown it's footprint, covering 400 acres of land where the brand contracts farms and collaboratively grow 180+ different types of vegetables.

Atomaday enables both consumers and farmers virtual direct connection using its video shopping platform that enables a feedback system for farmers to understand demand requirements and produce quality.

The Atomaday app uses latest technology that enables a precision video shopping experience for consumers, and an effortless on-boarding process for farmers across the spectrum.

How It Works

Overview of Atomaday video shopping app

Atomaday provides videos of the produce that helps the users/customers feel them through their eyes -- just like being in the fruits & vegetables market. Users can then browse through a wide range of videos of the fruits and veggies to shop directly from the farmers.

Once the farmers "directly receive" orders via the app, they harvest the selected produce in that very morning and then get it delivered to customer within 12 hours. Moreover, there is no minimum order constraints for delivery. The brand delivers anything from 1 bunch to 1 kg.

The company claims that this model has helped farmers increase their income 5 fold, besides freeing them from price fluctuations, control of the local mandis over l produce demand and other restrictions that limit the earning potential of our farmers.
Atomaday flow of agriculture produce
Atomaday flow of agriculture produce

Co-Farming Techniques

With an agri-tech model based on collaborative farming, Atomaday has on-boarded and introduced farmers to a guided-farming approach, supported by agronomists. The brand’s app which is a first-of-its kind precision video shopping experience for fruits and vegetables has been enabling the farmers to sell their produce directly to the consumers and avoid issues related to supply chain management and commission agents. 

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Ambitious plans have been laid out this year to onboard 5000 acres of operational farmlands to actively produce 1000+ varieties of vegetables and serve 5 major cities in South India & West India. As a brand that is benefiting the farming community, Atomaday’s mission compliments the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative.

Besides, Atomaday also provides the farmers occasional training sessions on optimization of agriculture and produce, and empower them to make use of make use of its technology in the correct way. 

Vinay Raghu Prasad, Founder, Atomaday, said, “ Our vegetables and fruits are rich in natural nutrients and minerals. How do we ensure this, everyday? We harvest our produce when they are at the peak of their nutritional value and flavour. Our farmers are trained to diligently follow the growth of vegetables, under the guidance of farming specialists and agronomists. These specialist collectively ensure that the vegetable and fruit are harvested when it is tender and flavourful in order to offer the best nutritional benefits to our consumer.”

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