With countries around the globe opening doors to vaccinated travelers, foreign travel bookings are witnessing a massive surge in India. The rise in globetrotting among Indians has led to a considerable increase in forex transactions as well. Be it a leisure vacation or an office trip, having sufficient money at hand is crucial for ensuring a convenient travel experience.

Money related hassles that spring up in the midst of foreign trips can spoil travel enjoyment faster than you expect. This is why you must estimate possible expenses and set up a realistic budget prior to exchanging currency for your next trip.

Back in the day, people were mostly dependent on money changers and banks for currency exchange services. Thanks to the emergence of web-based forex platforms, travelers now have much better deals at their disposal. Now, this blog will underscore the 6 unignorable benefits of doing your currency exchange online.

1. Better exchange rates than airport counters and banks

When it comes to spending on international travel, Indian tourists have a reputation of being hardcore spendthrifts. Since you are going to be spending a lot, you must aim to get the maximum value for your hard-earned money while exchanging currency. If you are keen to enjoy the best rates in the market, look no further than web-based currency exchange marketplaces. Online currency exchange portals don't rip you off unlike airport counters that normally charge 10-12% of the total exchange amount.

They do a detailed comparison of quotes across illustrious banks and money changers to present the most lucrative exchange deals to you. Above all, top-tier forex platforms guarantee around 13% savings over airport foreign exchange counters. Likewise, you can enjoy between 2.5% to 6.5% savings over leading banks.

2. Freeze your preferred rates instantly

It happens often that travelers are unsatisfied with the prevailing exchange rates in the forex market. With no better options available, they are compelled to exchange currency at poor rates. However, the case is entirely different with online currency exchange processes. Renowned forex platforms make it possible for travelers to freeze their preferred rate for up to 3 working days.

However, repeatedly visiting forex platforms for checking live rates can prove to be hassle-some and annoying. But there is no need to worry as you can always sign up for rate alert notifications to get updated whenever the best rate goes live. Based on what suits your requirements, you can opt for either SMS or email notifications.

3. Paperless money exchange process

Travelers who are in a rush can face a lot of difficulties with the paperwork that follows the currency exchange process. This is especially the case when you exchange currency from banks and local money changers. What's notable is that online currency exchange platforms boast a fully paperless exchange process. You can easily upload the necessary paperwork and sign documents online.

Alternatively, you can get your documents picked up from home. Above all, you need not be concerned about your financial details getting disclosed. All the essential documents you share will be watermarked to prevent piracy and fraudulent use.

4. Doorstep delivery of currency notes

Leaving your couch and driving off to far-off physical branches just to collect forex may result in inconvenience. But the good news is that you can evade the hassle of visiting local branches simply by opting for doorstep delivery of currency notes. Leading forex platforms give customers the option to get their forex orders delivered to their home free of cost.

The doorstep delivery service is offered in more than 185 cities across the country. All you have to do is to select the "doorstep delivery option" while placing your forex order online and you will be good to go. Just see to it you enter the correct address to avoid delivery delays and get your order as fast as possible. Once the order is successfully placed, the delivery will be scheduled taking into consideration your availability at home.

While the traffic status around your location will determine how fast you get your order, the average delivery time is 4 hours. The nicest thing is that you can track your order's location in real time right after it is dispatched until the delivery is complete.

5. Unmatched support services

Customers who have no prior experience in availing currency exchange online might face issues at the time of order placement. However, you can drop all your forex-related concerns as online platforms offer unmatched support services. Although the support executives are deluged with countless queries 24*7, they still ensure that customers get a workable solution to their problem at the earliest.

In addition to clarifying your doubts and queries, the support agents are equipped with the knowledge to give you details regarding exchange deals that can work wonders for boosting your savings. So, feel free to inquire about ongoing forex deals to get the best bang for your buck.

6. Incredibly safe transactions

In a world rife with rampant fraud, foreign exchange platforms have emerged as the most reliable and safest route for exchanging currency online. However, there is an age-old narrative that offline currency exchange methods are a lot safer than web-based forex transactions.

This is nothing but a mere misconception that prevents people from reaping the resource-saving benefits of online currency exchange solutions. Travelers who resort to dealing with shady money changers for currency exchange are more prone to becoming victims of fraud. Top-notch forex platforms leverage robust encryption measures to ward off fraudsters and ensure security of electronic transactions in the best possible way.

The implementation of solid security practices helps keep your financial details from falling into the wrong hands. All the digital transactions that take place on web-based forex marketplaces are safeguarded against all types of financial frauds. This implies that you can rest assured while exchanging currency online.


Given the growing inclination towards international travel, a report has revealed that the number of Indians flying abroad will increase threefold by 2025. This implies that a large percentage of forex spend will account for international travel in the coming time. Thanks to technology advances, you can now exchange currency from the comfort of your home.

Travelers looking to maximize savings must consider getting currency exchange a few weeks before their trip. Thankfully, a laptop and stable network connectivity is all you need to exchange currency online. So, see to it you avail currency exchange solutions from a secure and trusted platform like BookMyForex to infuse convenience into your travel experience.

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