EventX Offers 3-Month Free Corporate Trial to Support SMEs on Riding Out the COVID-19 Challenges

In response to the COVID-19 Omicron outbreak, EventX, an Asian-focused event SaaS company providing event lead generation and event management solutions for businesses and marketers, announces today that it will provide small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs), marketers and event planners with a three-month free corporate trial to host virtual events and capture new business opportunities.

The pandemic has presented great challenges to SMEs. As people embraced social distancing, consumers shifted to online shopping and it has bloomed the digital economy. Holding online events to attract worldwide consumers digitally has become the new normal. The company also believes thatn technology can support SMEs to get through business challenges and will definitely enable SMEs to become powerhouse for digital transformation.

EventX aims to enable marketers to generate leads through running virtual events, which can save 90% of the cost. Built with smart features such as all-in-one CRM management, event analytics and email sending tools to streamline invitation, EventX’s virtual event platform strives to serve companies of all sizes to let them spot new business opportunities by enhancing audience reach, helping small and medium enterprises or even the startup community to strategically harvest leads through engaging and interactive events with its extensive expertise in event management.

Small enterprises can also explore potential business opportunities by using the EventX platform to conduct e-commerce livestreaming to attract online shoppers and expand their business on an international scale. EventX differs from other virtual event platforms in its interactive functions, such as clicking the raise hand button to ask questions, sending emojis, polling and more. Organizers can clearly capture the audience's real-time reactions and respond to questions instantly. Enterprises can also make good use of the product showcase function to customize their own virtual product catalogs, which allows attendees to browse the top recommended products.

“Understanding the urgent demand of SMEs for the need of capturing new business opportunities from the digital economy, we want to step up our efforts to relieve businesses’ operating pressures. We strive to be the pioneer in the industry to launch the initiatives and take an active part to tide over the hard time hand in hand with our community. SMEs can make best use of our virtual event platform to develop their business, discover potential customers and convert them into business opportunities, or even expand their overseas markets.” said Sum Wong, CEO of EventX.

Starting from today, businesses can leverage the platform to hold virtual events for free within three months after successfully registering as an EventX enterprise user, and there is no limit on a given quota. For more details, please visit https://bit.ly/357ZfjX.

About EventX 

EventX is an Asian-focued SaaS company providing hybrid event management solutions. We
enable brands and enterprises to unlock the power of virtual events, bringing authentic human
connections and connecting people without limitations. Equipped with a strong support network,
we provide both organizers and participants with a smooth online experience. EventX serves a
wide variety of industries ranging from financial institutions, entertainment, music, education to
large-scale concerts and conferences. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company currently
caters to 100+ countries and has organized 20,000+ events with 5+ million attendees, making it
the best end-to-end platform for any organization to broaden its audience.

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