Platform to serve international buyers worldwide; to provide buyers a trustworthy and quality sourcing experience powered by independent experts

Hong Kong-based BuyHive today announced the global launch of its ‘Expert Sourcing Network’ platform to serve B2B buyers from around the world. The company said its platform will provide buyers a trustworthy and quality sourcing experience using locally-based sourcing experts spread throughout Asia. BuyHive is looking to onboard 5,000 sourcing experts to its platform.

Starting today, the BuyHive platform is live with 500 independent sourcing experts spread

across seven countries and territories; including India, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand. All of these experts are senior professionals with at least 5 years of experience in sourcing for large global buyers.

BuyHive Co-founder and CEO Minesh Pore said, “The platform marks a huge step forward in realising our vision to democratise specialised sourcing – otherwise accessible only to the largest buyers and brands worldwide – by digitising it. Our Expert Sourcing Network platform will connect buyers and suppliers from all over the world using the best sourcing experts and technology, so they can do business with greater trust and transparency.”

BuyHive also said that it has received more than 2,000 applications in the last three months from independent sourcing experts from nine Asian countries and territories; including India, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand, in addition to several EU countries and the USA.

All of BuyHive’s experts have to undergo a strict screening process prior to their selection. “We filter sourcing experts who have experience working in big corporations, to make sure they have high standards in sourcing and also have several years of working experience, and we interview each of them to assess them before onboarding them,” Minesh added.

BuyHive’s Expert Sourcing Network platform is targeted at small or mid-sized retailers or sellers on eCommerce platforms – such as Amazon & eBay – based in the USA, UK and Europe, who are seeking greater flexibility, affordability, and control in their global sourcing.

It will enable these buyers to find and work directly with independent sourcing experts specialising in a variety of product categories, including Fashion, Textiles & Fabrics, Automotive Parts, Garden & Outdoor, Electronics, Smart Home & Appliances, Home, Kitchen & Office, and Toys & Games, among others. The platform will utilise the ‘gig economy’ approach to match or recommend experienced sourcing experts for sourcing-as-a-service, on a project or ‘gig’ basis.

“The independent sourcing experts on our platform are well-equipped with knowledge on issues of compliance, quality and technical aspects of manufacturing and are subject matter experts in a single product category, thereby providing buyers with reliable advice and recommendations,” Minesh added.

Buyers will be able to avail themselves of the new services at a special launch price of US$299 at BuyHive sourcing experts will offer a variety of sourcing services; including supplier shortlisting and recommendation to help buyers find and connect with relevant local manufacturers, running supplier audits as well as quality audits for manufactured goods, and supervising shipments to ensure timely delivery.

BuyHive said that it is continually adding more independent sourcing experts in all Asian sourcing markets to better serve the specific needs of global buyers. In September last year, BuyHive had announced its plan to recruit over 5,000 independent sourcing professionals spread across India over the next 12 months.

About BuyHive

Hong Kong-based BuyHive is a B2B tech-enabled sourcing platform that is reinventing traditional sourcing for the digital age. The company was founded in 2019 to address the growing demand of buyers worldwide for more efficient ways to source quality products, without the large overheads associated with traditional retail buying offices and without expensive annual travel to sourcing fairs. BuyHive uses trust, accountability, and technological efficiency to differentiate its procurement solutions, including an e-commerce platform ( and a network of specialised procurement experts to help global buyers achieve convenient and reliable procurement. It also offers sourcing consultancy to global manufacturers and retailers to help them identify and work with suitable suppliers from around the world.

BuyHive today has over 60,000 registered users and has served customers in the US, UK, the EU, India, Greater China, and Southeast Asia. The company’s founding team has several decades of experience with sourcing, manufacturing, compliance, and both trade show and online sourcing platforms, across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the platform has emerged as a trusted and highly reliable global resource for procuring PPE and medical equipment, serving not only experienced buyers, but also B2B and B2C sellers as well as professionals doing high volume procurement for the first time. For more information, please visit or contact the company at


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