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A rancher (cattle owner) in Turkey has put on virtual reality headsets on some of his cows to see if the they can produce more milk as VR headsets simulate that cows are outside in a nice, sunny field. 

Developed in coordination with vets to ensure the cows are safe, these VR headsets are first tested in Moscow, Russia. The cow owner - Izzet Kocak -- a cattle breeder and rancher living in Aksaray, Turkey has so far used the VR devices on two of his cows and he claims that the cows’ milk output has gone from 22 liters to 27 liters a day.

Koçak stated to Anadolu Agency (AA) that previous studies have proven that environmental conditions affect the health and milk production of cows.

Koçak makes his animals listen to relaxing music with these VR glasses, and also walk them around the vast pasture.  He contacted the company that produces these VR headset in Russia. He now hopes, that if he is successful in all 10 cows he's currently testing, he will order glasses from Russia for all of his cows.

Explaining that they make the cows feel like they are in the middle of a vast grass on a summer day with virtual reality glasses, Koçak continued his words as follows:

"We get an average of 22 liters of milk daily from the cows in our business. We make the cows we wear virtual reality glasses watch a vast green pasture. The milk average of the 2 cows I wear virtual reality glasses is up to 27 liters. These glasses (VR headsets) are emotionally good for the animals. We observed that the animals are less stressed. Both of these conditions are reflected in the milk yield, the quality and quantity of milk is increasing. It was tried in a business in Russia, we saw this by chance on social media. We decided to try it, too. For now, we put it on 2 of our cows and observed the increases. We are currently in the trial phase. As the second stage We have ordered 10 more virtual reality glasses. If we are successful with them, we will order our glasses for all our nerds."

The VR headsets tested in Moscow cover both eyes of the animals, but Koçak experimented by giving an image to one glasses. Noting that cows cover their other eyes with glasses.

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