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Vlinder Labs, a global Blockchain Technology solutions company with expertise in the areas of: Decentralized Digital ID & Credentials and the Authentication & Traceability of products, has been awarded ‘Most Innovative Best Practice’ at the coveted Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Digital Transformation Award 2021 or CII DX Award 2021.
The award recognized Vlinder’s “Trag: Blockchain-based Authentication and Traceability platform” that helps brands: (1) Counter fraud & eliminating counterfeits, (2) Track Product Journey, and (3) Engage & elevate customer experience. Trag has enabled a leading distiller and honey producer to add authentication and traceability information which the end consumer can instantly verify via a scan of Blockchain enabled smart tags like NFC, QR code & Barcode.
Commenting on the award, Mrs. Malini Srinivasan, CEO of Vlinder said: “Vlinder is enabling a world that is Sustainable, Inclusive and Transparent and we are delighted to win the CII DX Award that recognized our efforts and our platform Trag that is making Authentication and Traceability available to everyone.”
Mr. Gokul Tirumalai, (Chief of Product, Strategy & Communications at Vlinder) added: “Vlinder is committed to helping partners with adoption and transition to Blockchain technology and Trag goes a long way in simplifying Auth & Trace for the whole ecosystem from producer to consumer, grain to glass, or farm to fork.  We are working with many more in the Food, Beverage & Apparel industry and our team is excited about the future.”
In Dec 2020, Amrut Distilleries adopted Trag to make Amrut Fusion X the first Digital Whisky bottle in India that could be authenticated and traced via Blockchain smart tags.  Later in 2021, Trag became the first platform to introduce Blockchain based Auth and Trace for Indian Alcoholic beverages in many parts of the world. Trag has come a long way since then in engaging the Food & Beverage industry for many products.
Vlinder team can be reached on for partnerships.


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