BENGALURU, India, Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The private equity sector in India has been witnessing staggering growth over the past few years. In 2020 alone, private equity investments grew 38% to a record high of $62.2 billion, as reported by Reuters. And all this amongst the blatant uncertainties projected by the pandemic. The Pre-IPO market has been witnessing significant maturing. Unlistedkart has been among the frontrunners of this growth regarding investments in unlisted shares. With more than $15 Million in topline, 2021, the company has a considerable stronghold as the market leader. And the recent launch of the Unlistedkart Finfluencer Program is a testament to this fact. The program is geared to create an exclusive community for Financial Influencers that aims at spreading awareness about the unlisted market and the risks and rewards associated with the investor community. And all this while empowering influencers to educate their audiences. The program invites other finance influencers to join the Unlistedkart community in its endeavour to increase awareness about investment avenues, especially in areas that are traditionally considered unconventional. "We have witnessed first-hand how disruptive alternative investments can be. And we want to empower more people that have unique skill sets to join our journey. So, our Finfluencer program is aimed at creating a fertile ground for like-minded individuals to flourish. It's an invitation to entrepreneurs, bloggers, journalists, artists, social media influencers, and anyone who holds sway over their respective audiences in the finance domain," says Krishna Raghavan, CEO of Unlistedkart. The goal of the Finfluencer program is to educate everyday investors about the wealth creation opportunities that exist in the private equity space. With a thriving Finfluencer community positioned around knowledge-sharing, it is easy to see what the influencers can get out of it - exclusive coverage as a valued Unlistedkart partner. Such a program that empowers Finfluencers and everyday investors alike is a step in the right direction. "While the hype around these increases, it becomes our fundamental responsibility to educate investors about the acceptable risks of investing in high yielding instruments – like credit risks, market risks and liquidity risks. At a scrip level, an investor must be able to comprehend fundamentals, try to measure standard deviation, and much more. We intend to further armour investors to make the right choices," adds Krishna Raghavan. To begin with, Unlistedkart plans to add about 20 exclusive Finfluencers under this program and will ensure extensive coverage. The Unlistedkart Finfluencer community is set to be a go-to resource for retail investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios with acceptable risk exposure and better returns, a privilege that was traditionally available only to HNIs and investment institutions. About Unlistedkart:  Unlistedkart is a technology-first marketplace for Pre-IPO equity that enables investors to buy and sell shares of private companies. It also provides investors with opportunities in the secondary markets and other Alternate investment funds (AIFs). By implementing various mechanisms and process checks that eliminate systematic investment risks, Unlistedkart empowers investors to realize lower portfolio volatility, confirmation of share allocation, and neutral industry reports. It enables HNIs,wealth managers and other investors to invest early into the companies they believe in and provide muchneeded liquidity to founders/ESOP holders to meet their vision.  Mail:  Website: Facebook:  LinkedIn:  Instagram: Contact: Thejas Jagannath | Principal Consultant Strategy E: M: +91 97411 76357 Logo:

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