A straightforward game to play, roulette consists of a roulette wheel with numbers and colours. The colours mainly include black and white. A player must select a combination of numbers (1-36) and colours. The roulette game is won if the ball stops at the selected combination.

There are many varieties of the game – European, American and French. There is no specific winning strategy, as it is nearly impossible to predict where the ball might land on the Roulette wheel. However, there are some tips that may help in increasing the odds of winning the roulette game, and the following are the tips.

Place Intelligent Bets

Most players, especially beginners, do not understand the statistics behind the game and tend to place large bets on a single combination. Since the probability of the ball landing on the combination is small, the rewards are plentiful, and at the same time, the odds of losing are high. However, an intelligent or experienced player might place bets on a series of combinations in a row by splitting the bet amount accordingly. Doing this would significantly increase the odds of winning, but the rewards would be decreased.

Choose a Trusted Casino

Offline casinos may try to meddle with the roulette wheel by tilting the wheel slightly or having small dents on the wheel, among many ways. These significantly increase the odds of winning for the casinos. However, since online casinos rely upon algorithms to generate random numbers, the chances of the programs being tampered with are less. Nevertheless, it may be possible to alter the algorithm to generate only specific numbers. Therefore, the user must use trusted resources to do a background check before going ahead.

Never Trust Gut Instincts

You may often get the feeling that you may be on the path to win or lose the game because of the results of previous games and therefore bet accordingly. However, the ball or the roulette does not know this, and it may result in substantial losses. Therefore, concentrating on each game is of utmost importance as each game has a different probability of winning and losing.

Know Your Limit

This is the most important tip of all. You must set a fixed number of games you would play, no matter what the outcome is likely to be. A winning streak would be challenging to exit as the mind is confident of winning more. Similarly, a losing streak would mean the player would want to make some cash before exiting. However, continuing would not ensure winning. Therefore, it is always advised to leave when the loss is minimum.

Trust the Law of Averages

It is a belief that the outcome of a particular event over a period will occur at intervals that are similar to the event’s probability. Therefore, initially, you could start placing small bets and understand how the outcomes turn out. Later, after a certain period, you could guess with a reasonable probability of where the ball would land provided the Roulette wheel and the ball used are the same.

Never Play Under the Influence of Alcohol

Playing under the influence of alcohol will hamper the ability to make the right judgmental decisions. You might make a poor choice of bets or place bets on combinations that have odds against you. The chances of losing are more when you do not play with a clear head, especially in roulette.

Know the Variations

Before placing bets, you should know the type of variant you would be playing. Though the majority of the rules remain the same, some additional rules may be added or subtracted depending on the variant. The pay-out policy may also change based on the variant. Therefore, it is always good to go through the policies before playing the game to avoid any confusion during the game, as any bets placed usually would not be refundable.

Never Play to Win

Any business’ goal is to make a profit, and that applies to casino games as well. Therefore, if you set out to play to win, the chances are that the opposite happens. Though there are instances wherein players have won a lot, there are also circumstances where they have lost.

Roulette is one of the most enjoyable online casino games. The above tips offer a player some chances of increasing the odds of winning. However, you must always use your wisdom and critical skills to make a decision.

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