The program will support 12 villages across Guntur and Prakasam Districts with improved water resource management

EFFORT, a non-profit organisation committed to empower rural communities for sustainable development has successfully completed a water harvesting project in collaboration with IPM India Wholesale Trading across key water distressed regions of Andhra Pradesh. With an aim to improve water resource management, the project has focused on conserving rainwater by developing relevant infrastructure as well as educating local communities.

Today, India is on the brink of a water crisis. The 2030 Water Resources Group estimates that if we continue to consume water as per the current rate, India will have only half the water it needs by 2030, a possible reality which is only ten years away. Additionally, 60% of India’s districts have been declared critical on groundwater. This means that people either have scarce supply or poor quality of groundwater, or both. A NITI Aayog report also indicates the severe water scarcity which will eventually lead to a 6 percent loss in the country’s GDP.

Marking a step in this direction, EFFORT has successfully implemented a water harvesting/ conservation project across 12 villages of Guntur and Prakasam Districts in Andhra Pradesh. Through concerted efforts, the project has seen the construction of a percolation tank in 1 village, check dams in 2 villages, rainwater harvesting (RWH) structures in 6 schools and provision for water purifiers in 6 RWH schools.

Rain Water Harvesting in Schools

Commenting on the project progress, Dr. Hari Babu Pokuri, Project Director of EFFORT, said “While India receives ample rainfall, 95% of this rainwater is lost owing to lack of harvesting and poor management leading to an alarming depletion of ground water and significant wastage of this precious resource. Moreover, with unpredictable monsoons, many villages face water scarcity through the year which makes it difficult to sustain a normal life. In partnership with IPM India Wholesale Trading, we are proud of the positive impact we have been able to create to serve the needs of the local communities and better support them in water resource management. EFFORT endeavors to sustain its efforts of working closely with local communities to spread awareness against wastage of water and implement better conversation best practices.”


Founded in 1999, EFFORT ( is a micro level voluntary organization engaged in the field of social development for the last 21 years. Since inception, EFFORT has focused on 4 areas including Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Child Development and Community Health. The organisation strives for self-empowered community-based organisations and promotion of sustainable livelihoods of small and marginal farmers, landless agriculture labor, women, youth by upholding natural resources, sustainable agriculture and ecological balance in rural India. It works in three states in India (Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab) covering 1,000 villages and working with 1.50 Lakh farm families.

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