Earlier this month, IndianWeb2 reported that China's state-run Blockchain Services Network (BSN) is planning to roll out infrastructure to support the deployment of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT infrastructure named as BSN-Distributed Digital Certificate (BSN-DDC) is expected to launch at the end of this month.

In a latest now, BSN on Tuesday announced a soft-launch of BSN-Distributed Digital Certificate (BSN-DDC) -- a nationwide infrastructure to support Chinese non-fungible tokens (NFTs). BSN has planned to officially launch the BSN-DDC in late month of March.

BSN announced that - NFT is renamed Decentralized Digital Certificate (DDC) in China, to indicate that NFT technology is for universal digital certification purposes, going beyond digital art and copyrighted content.

As part of the soft launch, the BSN-DDC network has now integrated 10 open permissioned blockchains, including Wuhan Chain powered by Ethereum and Wenchang Chain powered by COSMOS and IRISnet.

Most NFTs around the world are part of the Ethereum blockchain and with this announcement of BSN-DDC infrastructure, it marks a key step of China towards creating a domestic industry that is separated from the global market and not associated with any cryptocurrencies.

OPE (Open Permissioned Ethereum) is known as “Wuhan chain” in BSN China. OPE is a public Ethereum blockchain hosted and maintained by BSN. It is an Ethereum network but different compared to the public Ethereum network. The OPE blockchain is initiated with a different genesis block and a specific Network ID.

OPE and the public Ethereum network are two networks distinct from each other and cannot transact directly.

BSN said that BSN-Distributed Digital Certificates (BSN-DDC) infrastructure would offer “a diverse, transparent, credible and reliable” one-stop-shop for businesses to mint and manage their own NFTs without relying on cryptocurrencies, which are banned in China.

The founding partners of BSN-DDC, which are 26 in total, include accounting firm Ernst & Young’s blockchain unit - 'EY Blockchain', 'Digital Art Fair Asia, auction house 'Rong Bao Zhai', and Hainan International Culture and Artworks Exchange Center — an essential part of China’s free trade port.


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