The deep tech startup has developed India's first and fully indigenously built security solution to eliminate advanced cyber threats in cyberspace.

Xscale – a deeply focused accelerator program for Indian Startups, has recently onboarded and invested an undisclosed sum in SecurWeave Research Labs – a new age Hardware Enforced Security solution provider headquartered in Bengaluru. The deep tech startup has developed CHESS -(Configurable Hardware Enforced Security Solution) India's first and fully indigenously built state-of-the-art platform to detect, report, and mitigate advanced cyber threats.

Conventional security solutionas tend to fail against the sophisticated malware attacks of today. For instance, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) – a highly sophisticated and advanced malware that can bypass and disable security solutions implemented in the OS. Considering the widespread need for secured devices and networks, SecurWeave focuses on developing cutting-edge solutions that can cater to the security needs of multiple industry segments. It has also filed multiple patents, of which one has already been granted, and two are under review.

Commenting on the announcement, Neeraj Saxena, Founder & Managing Director of Xscale, said, "India is the hub of innovators with excellent technical skills, and SecurWeave is no exception. It’s made-in-India products are a perfect fit, given the growing threats by advanced malware in cyberspace. Considering the key achievements of the startup, we have on boarded SecurWeave to our exclusive accelerator program. We look forward to helping the startup expand Internationally and revolutionize the growing global Cybersecurity market."

SecurWeave has exclusively developed CHESS that leverages hardware virtualization extensions of processors to ensure robust security infrastructure in cyberspace. Moreover, the company has developed the first and only RISC-V-based hypervisor for kernel-mode protection in the world. Its x86 variant is already released and installed in IIT-M, while the RISC-V variant is still under the final testing stage. In addition, it is developing enhanced functionality for the embedded world (edge devices, aeronautics, automotive, defense), which will be released in 2022.

Being the developer of India's first and fully indigenously built solution using Hypervisor technology, the company anticipates being the most preferred choice for Indian national security and defense establishments. It is also in discussions with various Government, Defence, and private companies for PoC and deployment.

As part of the accelerator program, Xscale will build a Go-To-Market plan, including Geographic Coverage, Target Industries, Sales Channel design, and Pricing for SecurWeave. Xscale will also help set up a demand generation engine, i.e., creating a funnel from India and then creating an onsite distribution channel in the form of resellers, partners, or the company's own sales force to make the sales happen in international markets. Xscale's internal VC fund that invests up to 1.5Cr in its accelerated startups will help the deep-tech startup scale its business operations and grow exponentially in the near future.

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